Two Proud Boys that were convicted of Seditious Conspiracy will call in on Sunday night to a Twitter Space hosted by The Gateway Pundit. The Space will take place at 7pm EST.

Proud Boys Zachary Rehl and Joseph Biggs will speak out for the first time since their conviction on bogus sedition charges in front of a DC kangaroo court.


Proud Boy Zachary Rehl and Joseph Biggs will join the Space to speak to an audience of their peers and patriots, breaking silence for the first time since their bogus Seditious Conspiracy conviction that can keep them in jail for decades. These men want their voices to finally be heard after being silenced for over two years.

Joseph Biggs of North Carolina was a popular media figure and an Infowars on-air personality before he was persecuted by the Biden Regime. The Army Veteran has not seen his young daughter in over two years. His little girl carries a crumpled photo around of her father, showing everyone and telling anyone that listens “this is my Dad.”

Infowars personality Joseph Biggs will speak out the first time since his Seditious Conspiracy conviction.

Rehl is a Marine Corps veteran and has never met his two year-old daughter, as his wife Amanda gave birth after her husband was taken from their home in a FBI raid over two years ago. Rehl and his family have lost his hard-earned veteran and disability benefits after he was charged with Seditious Conspiracy. His eldest daughter even lost her scholarship from the VA.

Marine Corp. veteran Zach Rehl before his freedom was stripped by the Biden Regime.

Between the vindictive sentencing Judge and the spiteful Department of Injustice led by Merrick Garland, the men can be sentenced to over 50 years in prison based on their convictions.

According to the Department of Injustice, an unproven “unspoken agreement” (like a handshake, “a wink or a nod”) amongst the Proud Boys was enough for the jury to convict the men of conspiracy- even if their was no evidence whatsoever of an actual conspiracy!

Both men, including their co-defendants (Enrique Tarrrio, Dominic Pezzola and Ethan Nordean) were found guilty of Seditious Conspiracy or multiple other felonies by a bias jury in a kangaroo courtroom with the Dishonorable Judge Kelly presiding. Judge Kelly made very sketchy and unconstitutional decisions from the bench that warrant an investigation by Jim Jordan’s Judiciary Committee. For example, Kelly told jurors they could convict the defendants on conspiracy even if they found there was no plan or conspiracy. According to the Judge and prosecutors, an unproven “unspoken agreement” amongst the Proud Boys was enough for the jury to convict the men of conspiracy- even if their was no evidence whatsoever of an actual conspiracy!

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Kelly let the trial go on knowing co-defendant Dominic Pezzola never had access to his discovery before he trial. Kelly also limited lines of questioning the defense could ask Confidential Human Sources, allowed prejudicial evidence to be admitted and seen by the jury, and permitted the prosecution to use the controversial and unconstitutional “tools theory” to convict the Proud Boys.

The prosecution managed to sway Judge Kelly into allowing the presentation of irrelevant video footage that should never have been shown to the jury. This footage showcased other unrelated Proud Boys, random protesters and Trump supporters from within the crowd who had demonstrated violent behavior, despite their minimal ties to the defendants. The prosecution contended that Mr. Tarrio and his fellow defendants manipulated the other rioters and used them, employing them as “tools” of their conspiracy. According to a Proud Boys attorney, this unconstitutional legal strategy has never been used against an American before- the only time it was used was against non-citizens in Mexican Drug Cartels.

The Proud Boys in the nation’s Kangaroo Court, also known as the E. Barrett Prettyman Courthouse in Washington D.C.

The defense vehemently objected to the “tools theory”, contending that the methodology was “absurd,” and served only to grant the prosecution an unwarranted extension of power. Regardless, the Judge sided with the prosecution and allowed them to present their absurd “tools theory” to the jury. Learn more at our Twitter Space!

“The argument is that just because defendants associated with people who did bad acts, they did bad acts,” said Proud Boys attorney Nick Smith. “The other term for that is guilt by association.”

This unconstitutional “tools theory” is a terrifying argument now used successfully by the Department of Injustice against citizens of the United States. The “tools” argument is an abhorrent violation of the Constitution and the end of the First Amendment right to protest.

For example , the “tools theory” basically argues if someone heard a Proud Boy shout a chant in a megaphone like “Whose House, Our House!” and a second protester walking nearby then fist bumped another third protester, and then that third protester threw a water bottle at a police officer, then the Proud Boy with the megaphone is responsible for the water bottle being thrown at the cop, or a window being smashed by a fourth protester nearby. Even if the Proud Boys never met the person or had absolutely nothing to do with their actions, according to the Government that person would become a “tool” of the Proud Boys and his unrelated violent action could be used as evidence to convict the Proud Boys of Seditions Conspiracy.

“Who would want to go to a rally and participate knowing they can be found guilty for the actions of others there that day,” asked Tina Ryan of Citizen Against Political Persecution. “This is one of the most un-American ruling in history, and no one even knows about it. They will now continue to use this “tools argument” to persecute American protesters unless it is struck down in a higher court.”

It is this reporter’s strong belief that the Proud Boys trial was the Government’s test run for their diabolical plan to indict and attempt to convict President Trump on Seditions Conspiracy, using Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio as a pseudo-Trump. They were able to convince the jury that Tarrio (who was not present at January 6th) used the crowd as his “tools” and they plan on using the same exact strategy on President Trump in the coming year.

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They Government prosecutor told the jury in closing remarks that the defendants acted as “Donald Trump’s army,” and conspired “to keep their preferred leader in power no matter what the law or the courts had to say about it.”

The Government does not care about the Proud Boys. They care about using these poor men to keep President Trump from returning to the White House. The lives and freedom of the Proud Boys are just collateral damage in the Government’s intricate conspiracy to keep President Trump out of office, control the minds of the American people and sow fear into their hearts.

Please join our Twitter Space to hear these men speak out for the first time since their conviction. The space must be carefully conducted as Enrique Tarrio almost lost his jail privileges for the last Twitter Space he did with The Gateway Pundit. Apparently, the arbitrary rule is only two people can be heard speaking at once on the Twitter Space so we will carefully monitor speakers and questions. Sign up here!

Please support these men who want nothing more than a chance for their voices to be heard before they are moved from their solitary cells in Alexandria Detention Center and lose their phone privileges at another facility.


Remember, in the end GOD wins.

The Proud Boys drinking fraternity marching as free men full of life at a protest before their persecution by the Biden Regime.

Cara Castronuova is a co-Founder of C.A.P.P. Citizens Against Political Persecution (an organization that fights for the political prisoners of January 6th).

Cara is an Activist, Investigative Journalist, 2-Time Boxing Champion, Celebrity Fitness Trainer and Television Personality. You can watch her on Newsmax at 10PM EST every Saturday night and at 3PM EST on Sundays on “Wiseguys”. You can follow her on & Twitter or Instagram  @CaraCastronuova. She is currently banned on Fakebook & suing them for defamation of character.  You can contact her via her website at if you have any tips or would like to volunteer.

“I Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens Me.” Phil 4:13.

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Author: Cara Castronuova