IT BEGINS: Democrats and Media Come After Third Party Candidate Cornel West for Unpaid Taxes

IT BEGINS: Democrats and Media Come After Third Party Candidate Cornel West for Unpaid Taxes

That didn’t take long.

From the moment that Professor Cornel West announced that he is running for president on a third party ticket, we have been predicting that Democrats and the media would come after West and try to force him out of the race.

This week, multiple left wing media outlets reported that Cornel West has $500,000 in unpaid taxes. Apparently, only Hunter Biden is allowed to get away with that sort of thing.

Here’s a report from the New Republic, via Yahoo News:

Cornel West Owes the IRS More than $500,000 in Taxes

Presidential candidate Cornel West, who has spent most of his career advocating for higher taxes on the wealthy, owes the IRS more than half a million dollars in unpaid taxes.

Throughout his decades in the public eye, West, who is an academic at elite institutions and a bestselling author, has blasted the concentration of wealth at the top of U.S. society. Since announcing his run for president, first on the People’s Party ticket and currently on the Green Party’s, he has argued that taxes on the wealthiest Americans need to be “higher, much higher.”

But West hasn’t been putting his money where his mouth is—literally. An investigation by The Daily Beast, published Thursday, found that West owes $543,778.78 in unpaid taxes. The Beast cited tax filings in Mercer County, New Jersey, where West owns a house in the town of Princeton, and in Los Angeles, where West’s personal attorney is.

The IRS has filed liens against West for the years 2005, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017, when he failed to pay anywhere from more than $62,000 to nearly $137,000 in taxes. The liens, or federal claims against property for unpaid debts, are all still open.

Here is why Democrats are terrified of Cornel West in the race:

From Mediaite:

Trump and Biden Tied In Key 2024 Swing State, Trump Wins With Cornel West In Race: New Poll

The latest Emerson College poll of Michigan voters offers some dire news for President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party.

The poll shows Biden with a 43% job approval in the state and a 50% disapproval rating – trailing Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s (D-MI) 49/43% approval, disapprove rating in the state. Michigan is one of the key swing states in the 2024 presidential election and in most electoral map scenarios a must-win for Biden…

If third-party candidate Cornel West is added to the mix, Trump beats Biden with 43% to 41% of the vote. West received 4% of the vote in the survey, clearly cutting into Biden’s margin. 4% would still support someone else, while 7% remained undecided with West on the ballot.

Democrats cannot afford to lose states like Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania to Trump in 2024. If West is on the ballot, that could easily happen.

Expect more dirt to drop about West in the coming weeks.

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Author: Mike LaChance