Is This The End Of America? Attorney Thomas Renz Reveals What’s Really Happening At The World Health Assembly This Week

Is This The End Of America? Attorney Thomas Renz Reveals What’s Really Happening At The World Health Assembly This Week

The United Nation’s World Health Organization is slated to vote on the Biden Administration’s amendments to International Health Regulations as 194 member nations of WHO’s legislature convene at the 75th World Health Assembly in Geneva, Switzerland this week.

The individuals actually running the executive branch while “Biden is pooping his pants in the corner,” secretly altered the regulations within the WHO to “allow the global entity to claim dominion over the United States” as the organization attempts to institute a one-world government, warns attorney Thomas Renz.

The enemies of America “can’t beat us in a straight-up war, so they are trying to beat us without a war. They’re beating us without firing a shot,” Renz told the Gateway Pundit in an exclusive interview. “It used to be, and currently is up until a few days from now when they push this through, that if the WHO wanted to declare an emergency and try and push things within a country, they had to ask that country first because nations are sovereign and national sovereignty takes precedence over any national organization,” Renz told The Gateway Pundit.


“[Biden] is shifting a dramatic amount of power into the WHOs hands,” he said. “As long as he’s president—and pretty time anytime we have any screwy Democrat in office— they are going to use this as a mechanism to try to essentially force international will on the American people through this really complicated, messy legal process.”

On January 18, Biden’s Health and Human Services Department surreptitiously sent amendments to WHO. Biden also appointed Dr. Anthony Fauci as America’s representative to the WHO’s executive committee.

The amendments were not publicly disclosed until April 12, leaving insufficient time for public objection before the scheduled May 22 to 28 vote.

Delegating sweeping new powers to the WHO authorizes the global entity to declare an “international health emergency” at will, forfeit the medical sovereignty of the United States, and nullify the US Constitution and power of the nation-states, Renz warns.

The WHO will “tell us if there is an emergency” and “try and force any country that is not complying into compliance,” he said. “They are going to use this as an issue and a mechanism to try to essentially force international will on the American people through this really complicated, messy legal process. The United States will back this as long as [Biden] is president, and pretty much time anytime we have any screwy Democrat in office.”

“Biden set this up in January – and nobody found out about it until April. This was intentionally hidden from the American public because they knew it was bad. This guy needs to be impeached and in jail, or in a mental home for old people. This is seditious. It is mind-blowing. We are selling out our nation. We are intentionally trying to ignore the laws of our country. The foreign entity changing its regulations, that’s one thing, but [Biden] going along with it after he promotes it, that’s another.”

Renz has gained notoriety throughout the pandemic while representing whistleblowers who exposed the significant increase in injuries, including miscarriages and cancer, to servicemen and women following COVID-19 vaccination. He has filed a lawsuit on behalf of “America’s Frontline Doctors,” a group that has been consistently opposing vaccination for SARS-CoV-2.

The Ohio-based attorney also represents scores of Americans who suffer COVID-19 vaccine-related injuries and families of COVID patients who have been held hostage and murdered under CDC protocol in the hospitals across the nation.

Now the crusading lawyer is scouring for a legal mechanism to impede the WHO take over as the Biden administration changes the regulation for this international body.

“There is no good way for us to challenge this in court directly right now. None. I’ve looked,” he said. “This would be like if there’s a club in Germany that said, ‘We are going to start an international club in Germany and the UK and we are going to burn American flags every day.’ We couldn’t sue that club. We don’t have any tie with them,” Renz said. “Because this international club, the WHO is changing regulations, I don’t see a direct lawsuit that we can file on that.”

“There is no lawsuit remedy right now. If I can find something, you can be sure it will be in court. The best solution right now is for everybody needs to be on their politician’s butts and say ‘What in the hell are you doing’ and ‘Why aren’t you doing something about this? Then there might be a lawsuit. We’ll have to see. We need our politicians to step up and, say, ‘Hell no.’”

Last December, the CDC withdrew emergency use authorization of the PCR tests for COVID-19 testing and admitted the test does not differentiate between the flu and COVID virus.

Yet, last week, the CDC recommended all domestic travelers undergo Covid-19 testing before and after they travel, even if they’re vaccinated.

The most dangerous aspect of the WHO’s dominion over the US medical system is the global body’s newly acquired access to medical data, including the genetic sequencing of millions of Americans collected by the federal government via PCR tests throughout the plandemic, Renz cautioned.

“Here’s what I’m really concerned about,” he said. “If you look at the instruction manual for the PCR test, they say in them, ‘these tests should not be used to diagnose COVID 19. Yet, we’ve tried to get everyone on the planet to try these PCR tests and they are still doing it. We know that they were harvesting DNA –and we also know that they sold that information, which I would argue is illegal. The PCR tests don’t work, yet they are still pushing these. Why is this so important? They are gathering data.”

Turning over the harvested DNA collected from PCR tests will allow the WHO and World Economic Forum to facilitate its transhumanism agenda and plans for a so-called Great Reset, Renz surmised.

” Data is key. We know that data is key, the WEF, Yuval Noah Harari, Klaus Schwab and crew, have talked a lot, in their words not mine, about things like ‘making human beings hackable.’ To do that, you have to have immense amounts of data, ‘It’s not enough to have data, but we need to go under the skin.’ What does this mean? They need this data,” he said. “This agreement will allow Biden to say, ‘if the WHO declares an emergency, we’ve got to give then all this genetic data, we’ve got to give them all this information because they need to go what’s going on and that’s just part of the treaty, it’s part of the deal.’ So, he’ll use that as cover.

“Here’s what I know, if China wants my DNA I don’t want them to have it. If these globalist monsters want my DNA, I don’t want them to have it,” he said. “I don’t care what they’re using it for. I don’t believe they are using it for the best interest of America because they openly declared themselves enemies of America.

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Author: Alicia Powe