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Irrefutable Proof: New Video Exposes How Capital Police Orchestrated Stampede that Killed Roseanne Boyland on January 6

Irrefutable Proof: New Video Exposes How Capital Police Orchestrated Stampede that Killed Roseanne Boyland on January 6

Roseanne Boyland

New investigations by J6Truth have unearthed a devastating blow to the drummed-up ‘official’ narrative of the Democrat’s January 6 Select Committee.

This video shows irrefutable proof that Roseanne Boyland was NOT killed from a drug overdose (as the corrupt DC Coroner’s Office reported) but, in fact, died because of a stampede organized by Capitol Police.

This is what we now know: 34-year-old Roseanne Boyland was crushed to death in the West Terrace Tunnel at the U.S. Capitol at 4:26 pm EST on January 6 when Police mercilessly pushed dozens of protestors backwards down a flight of stairs.

The crowd begins to pile on top of each other.

Not only did they create a stampede that trampled Roseanne when they used chemical weapons like CS Gas in an enclosed area, they stood by and watched as human beings piled up 3 and 4 layers deep in a deadly dogpile, this video also shows they used batons to push protestors down who were running for their lives.

Layers of protestors being crush by crowd as Capital Police pile more people on.

This revelation is disturbing and repugnant in nature – but it does bring new light to the criminal cases of dozens of J6ers who have been charged stemming from their reaction to this blatant violence.

January 6 Political Prisoner Jake Lang has been imprisoned for 1235 days without a trial and is seen in this video trying to save Roseanne from the bottom of the crushing crowd along with Roseanne’s personal friend Justin Winchell.

The duo tugged and pulled on Roseanne to no avail, the Capitol Police kept pummeling down more protestors on top of Roseanne’s lifeless body.

Jake Lang and Justin Winchell try to save Roseanne Boyland

You can clearly see Jake raise his arms up, frantically motioning to police to stop their onslaught in between attempts to pull Roseanne out from under the crush of the fleeing crowd.

Jake Lang puts up his hands begging officers for help.
Roseanne lies lifeless after people begged police to stop.
Cries of “She’s dead” echo through the crowd.

The groundbreaking video that went viral on Jake’s X account earlier this week also shows a completely new angle of Jake dragging an unconscious Philip Anderson out of the dogpile as well.

Jake Land pulls an unconscious Philip Anderson from the pile.

Philip has signed a sworn affidavit claiming Jake Lang saved his life on January 6th.

Weeks before Jake’s scheduled October 2023 trial, Philip was arrested and charged for January 6, for merely being a victim of a near-death police brutality incident.

Jake’s legal team believes this was a concerted effort by the Soros J6 prosecutors to intimidate and tamper with Jake’s number one trial witness, Philip Anderson, and his powerful testimony.

Jake’s trial has been rescheduled for the fourth time to September 9, 2024, and is anticipated to bring to the court the fight of a lifetime and will highlight the two-tiered justice system that is persecuting patriots.

Please throw your support behind Jake Lang and the January 6 Political Prisoners as they stand firm with the full armor of God against the tyranny of the Deep State DOJ.

You can follow Jake on Twitter / X for all of the latest updates and episodes of The Political Prisoner Podcast @JakeLangJ6.

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**Warning-This video shows graphic scenes of Capitol Police Brutality**

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