HUH? Stock Trader Extraodinaire Nancy Pelosi Calls Trump a ‘Grifter’ (VIDEO)

HUH? Stock Trader Extraodinaire Nancy Pelosi Calls Trump a ‘Grifter’ (VIDEO)

Former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who has amassed a fortune of over $100 million over her political career, has suggested that Donald Trump is a grifter.

In an interview with former White House Press Secretary turned MSNBC host Jen Psaki, Pelosi said it was “very clear” that Trump swindling his donors.

“You’ve been ahead of the curve that Trump is a conman for a long time,” Psaki remarked. “The fact they want to pay his own legal bills despite claiming he is a billionaire feels like it’s an in-your-face example. I know your concern is not the Republican donors, but are they being duped?”

“Well, I think it’s very clear that Trump is a grifter,” Pelosi responded. “That is the way it is. Integrity which is something we all want to always deepen in politics and government has just flown the coop with him.

“These people who are so happy to give him money to pay his legal fees should be told that is where they are spending money,” she continued.

Such comments are deeply ironic given Pelosi’s long history of making huge profits on stocks that have raised suspicions about potential insider trading.

Just last month, Pelosi’s husband Paul cashed in a whopping $1.25 million profit in just three months on the computer chip company Nvidia.

In 2021, Pelosi defended the buying and selling of stocks by members of Congress on the grounds that America has a free-market economy.

“Should members of congress and their spouses be banned from trading individual stocks while serving in Congress?” a reporter asked Pelos at the time.

“No…We are a free market economy,” she responded. “We are a free-market economy and they should be able to participate in that.”

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Author: Ben Kew