HUGE: Kari Lake to Officially Announce Senate Campaign TUESDAY at Huge Rally in Scottsdale, Arizona – TGP Correspondent Joins RAV’s Morning Sunrise with Dr. Gina with More (VIDEO)

HUGE: Kari Lake to Officially Announce Senate Campaign TUESDAY at Huge Rally in Scottsdale, Arizona – TGP Correspondent Joins RAV’s Morning Sunrise with Dr. Gina with More (VIDEO)

The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson joined American Sunrise with Dr. Gina Louden on Friday to discuss Kari Lake’s big announcement of her US Senate campaign in Arizona scheduled for Tuesday evening.

Lake filed official paperwork last week declaring her candidacy in 2024.

Kari Lake is not giving up on fighting rigged elections. The Deep State does not want Kari Lake to run again, and that’s why they stole her previous election.

Lake maintains that she is committed to fighting her stolen election through every legal avenue. Lake told The Gateway Pundit that her court cases “will continue to be pursued,” and she is “perfectly capable of multitasking” while running for Senate.

With the current state of international affairs and the invasion of our southern border by murderous drug cartels and Jihadis creating an imminent terror threat, it is more important than ever now that we have America First legislators in Congress and the Senate to Save America. We are letting the same rapists, murderers, and gangsters that were seen invading Israel this past weekend. Horrible people are likely preparing to wreak havoc on American soil.

Lake is already on a warpath to stop the radical left Democrats and their globalist open borders agenda that is destroying the Country.

The Gateway Pundit reported last week on new viral video footage of Kari Lake having an explosive confrontation with 2024 US Senate opponent, Congressman Ruben Gallego (D-AZ). Lake cornered him on the wide-open southern border that the Democrats will not vote to secure and slammed him for leaving Arizonans to die from fentanyl poisoning or other results of illegal immigration. Watch Lake mop the floor with her Democratic opponent here:

EPIC: “I’M GOING TO BEAT YOU, AND WE’RE GOING TO SAVE ARIZONA” – Kari Lake Confronts 2024 Senate Opponent Rep Ruben Gallego at Airport, Wipes The Floor With Him After He Invites Her to Chat (VIDEO)

The Gateway Pundit later reported that Abe Hamadehm, the Trump-Endorsed Arizona Republican who was also cheated out of his election for Arizona Attorney General by just 280 votes, broke the news of his endorsement for Kari Lake in an exclusive interview with The Gateway Pundit.

Lake’s “Announcement Rally” on Tuesday will be held at Jetset Magazine, 15220 N 75th St in Scottsdale, Arizona 85260, where doors open at 5:30 pm PT. Register for tickets here!

Kari Lake already leads in numerous polls. The Gateway Pundit reported on a poll earlier this year that shows Kari Lake as a clear favorite in a Republican Primary, leading her closest RINO competitor by 28 points.

After the Primary, Lake will likely face a three-way competition with Rep. Ruben Gallego (D) and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (I).

The Gateway Pundit will provide live updates and live video of this event. 

Conradson shared these important updates on Kari’s announcement and concerns with the border and election integrity in Arizona on American Sunrise with Dr. Gina last week.

American Sunrise airs weekdays 8-10 am Eastern on Real America’s Voice (@realAmVoice).

Via @realDrGina:

Louden: Now, tell us about this announcement. What don’t we know?

Conradson: You know, I’m not sure if there’s much we don’t know. There’s definitely some news coming out after… She hasn’t made the announcement yet, but with the fact that there is candidate filings coming out in the news, she’s basically already announced, except we’re just waiting for Tuesday. Interestingly, last night, I was able to talk to Abe Hamadeh in an exclusive interview. He endorsed Kari Lake for Senate in 2024. I also saw a pretty great video of Kari Lake going after one of her upcoming Senate opponents in 2024, Democrat Rep. Ruben Gallego.

One of the most interesting things about this race, in my opinion, is we’re gonna see something we haven’t seen before here in Arizona, which is a three-way Senate race with an Independent involved. We’re also going to have this No Labels party on the ballot. So, it’s unclear right now if Kyrsten Sinema is going to run as an independent, if she’s gonna run as No Labels, or quite frankly, what No Labels is going to do for the Senate.

Louden: As the rightful Governor of the State of Arizona, as we know Kari actually is, she could have really stopped illegal immigration on the border. And she pledged to, which is the reason why they stole that election from her. As Senator Lake, Jordan, can she be that effective?

Conradson: Not on the level she would on the local level, as a governor, where she can build the wall, be the state’s executive to take over that responsibility. However, in the Senate, I do trust that Kari Lake, you know, she’s been in Arizona for decades. She knows the issues on the border. She is committed to fighting for it. You know, that was one of the biggest issues on her gubernatorial campaign was the border and the radical left, Joe Biden, what he’s doing, leaving our southern border open, the fact that Katie Hobbs, the Democrats, Kris Mayes, who also stole the election, they’re not enforcing the law. They don’t want to enforce the law. They want to leave that border wide open because it brings them more voters for 2024. And that’s another concern we have is with Democrats in charge, we’ve got a former cartel attorney running the elections in Arizona, we’ve got a corrupt Attorney General who hasn’t even been a litigator… And then, of course, our governor is a Soros-funded crook, who stole the election, can’t put a sentence together, and campaigned from the basement, much like Joe Biden. So, those are two issues we’re looking at in 2024: the border and election integrity. We see what they’re trying to do with President Trump. We’ll see what they try to do to Kari Lake, who has spoken out about the election and had felony charges threatened against her by state officials before.

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