House Judiciary Committee Dems Vote Unanimously to Block Measure That Would Have Increased Penalties For Child Sex Traffickers

House Judiciary Committee Dems Vote Unanimously to Block Measure That Would Have Increased Penalties For Child Sex Traffickers

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On Wednesday, Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee blocked a measure that would have increased the criminal punishment for child sex traffickers.

The amendment, which was introduced this month by Texas Rep. Chip Roy (R), would have lengthened the minimum sentencing for those who have been convicted of “trafficking children by force, fraud, or coercion” – raising the minimum punishment from 10-15 years to a minimum of 15-20 years, depending on the offense. The measure also would have increased the maximum penalties for the heinous crime by an additional 5 years.

However, thanks to the House Judiciary Democrats, who voted unanimously to shoot down the legislation, sex traffickers will continue to get lesser punishment than they rightfully deserve – something the radical left seems to be overwhelmingly in favor of, especially among the leadership. Just ask Ketanji Brown Jackson, the newest member of the US Supreme Court, who routinely let child sex offenders and child pornographers off the hook with severely reduced sentences throughout her career as a US District Court Judge.

In one case she presided over, she literally apologized for giving a 3 month ‘slap on the wrist’ sentence to a pervert convicted of possessing hundreds of files of child porn – Now, she resides on the highest court in the land.

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Rep. Roy blasted his colleagues on the Judiciary Committee following their decision, noting that this situation “defies all belief.” Keep in mind, this legislation would not have affected the punishment for child porn or other evil offenses, it would have only strengthened the law in regards to child sex traffickers. How could anyone, who’s not an evil pedo-apologist sexual deviant, be against such a measure?

With that in mind, these are the Democrats who unanimously killed the measure with no explanation whatsoever:

Along with a copy of the rejected legislation, Roy posted a short clip of him introducing the bill to the committee earlier this month. In it, Congressman Ken Buck (R-CO) thanked Roy for introducing the “common sense” measure and asked him if he could imagine any scenario in which a criminal engages in the forced sex trafficking of a child and does not deserve a minimum of 15 years, or even longer.

“I cannot, no,” Rep. Roy replied.

From Rep. Roy:

“I mean, as a father of two, as a former prosecutor, it defies all belief, all common sense that you would say that someone who traffics a child in the sex industry – actually puts a child into that environment for that child to be sexually abused – that that individual should not have a minimum sentence or 15 years,”

Buck agreed, adding how he doesn’t “think there is a prison, a hole underneath a prison, deep enough to throw that individual in,”

Watch, via Twitter:

There’s simply no excuse for the Democrat Committee members’ decision to shoot down this measure… And, it comes in an election year, no less. One thing’s for sure, the radical Dems have absolutely no concern about course-correcting or pumping the breaks on their destructive agenda despite getting shellacked in the polls – they can’t even take a chill pill to appropriately punish one of the most evil offenses in society… No need to worry though, especially with the midterm variant nearly here and, of course, those handy-dandy mail-in ballots.

The way the Left is steamrolling ahead with absolutely no regard signals that they are awfully confident there will be no such thing as a red wave in November. In fact, the NYT came out this month projecting “a bluer picture” this November – one in which the Democrats are poised to pick up seats in the Senate once the votes are tallied – ergo, planting the seeds to be able to claim everything worked out the way it should have, despite polls showing a massive red wave is practically inevitable in a non-rigged system.

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Author: Julian Conradson