Horror: Uvalde School Children Desperately Called 911 Begging for Help as Police Waited an Hour to Kill Shooter

Horror: Uvalde School Children Desperately Called 911 Begging for Help as Police Waited an Hour to Kill Shooter

Several children at Uvalde Elementary School made 911 calls begging for help as a lone gunman shot their classmates and teachers during Tuesday’s massacre in the western Texas town of Uvalde that killed 19 students and two teachers. The report of the 911 calls was made by Texas Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw at a press briefing Friday. McCraw also said the on scene commander, the Uvalde police chief, decided the situation was a barricade and not an active shooter, even as 911 calls came in throughout the hour from the children, and held off storming the classroom until a tactical unit arrived even though 19 officers had gained entry to the school. After an hour the 18-year-old gunman Salvador Ramos was killed by a Border Patrol agent who stormed the classroom.

Summary: 911 calls were received at 12:03 p.m. CDT from a student room 112. Student called back at 12:10 advised multiple dead. Called again at 12:13. Called again 1t 12:16 and said 8 to 9 students alive. at 12:19 a 911 call from another student in room 111, call ended after another student told her to hang up. At 12:21 three gunshots could be heard over a 911 call. At 12:36 a 911 call lasted 21 seconds, the student caller called back and was told to stay on the line and be very quiet. She told 911 “he shot the door”. 12:43 (and/or) 12:47 she asked 911 to “please send the police now.” 12:46 she said she could “hear the police next door”. 12:50 shot heard being fired. 12:51 very loud, sounds like police officers moving children out. The call ends as child is outside of the classroom.

Complete video of press conference:

CNN interviewed a student survivor who said she called 911 and smeared herself with the blood of a dead classmate to make the shooter think she was also dead (excerpt):

An 11-year-old survivor of the Robb Elementary School massacre in Uvalde, Texas, feared the gunman would come back for her so she smeared herself in her friend’s blood and played dead.

Miah Cerrillo spoke exclusively to CNN about her horrific experience that day inside the classroom where the mass shooting took place that killed 19 of her classmates and two of her teachers.

…Miah said after shooting students in her class, the gunman went through a door into an adjoining classroom. She heard screams, and the sound of shots in that classroom. After the shots stopped, though, she says the shooter started playing loud music — sad music, she said.
The girl and a friend managed to get her dead teacher’s phone and call 911 for help. She said she told a dispatcher, “Please come … we’re in trouble.”

Miah said she was scared the gunman would return to her classroom to kill her and a few other surviving friends. So, she dipped her hands in the blood of a classmate — who lay next to her, already dead — and then smeared the blood all over herself to play dead.

Miah said it felt like three hours that she lay there, covered in her classmate’s blood, with her friends.

End excerpt. Please read the complete report by CNN at this link.

McCraw also reported Ramos had purchased over 1,600 rounds of ammunition. 58 magazines total were found in the school, on Ramos or in his crashed pickup truck. Ramos fired at least one hundred rounds at the school before he entered the building through a backdoor that had been propped open by a teacher. One hundred forty-two spent cartridges were found inside the building.

(Apologies for the biased source).

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Author: Kristinn Taylor