HORROR: Soros-Funded Prosecutor’s Office Didn’t Show Up for Trial, Didn’t Enforce GPS Monitoring – And a Volleyball Player Lost Her Legs

HORROR: Soros-Funded Prosecutor’s Office Didn’t Show Up for Trial, Didn’t Enforce GPS Monitoring – And a Volleyball Player Lost Her Legs

A Tennessee volleyball player was walking in St. Louis City last week when she was struck by a car — and lost her legs after she was pinned to another car.

It’s a horrible thing to happen – but it was preventable.

Should the driver have been in jail?

Daniel Riley was arrested for armed robbery, but Soros-backed prosecutor Kim Gardner and her team did not show up for the trial.  They later refiled the charges and put the defendant on GPS monitoring. But the GPS monitoring went off 40 times before the crash — and the Soros prosecutor’s office did nothing about it.

This is not an isolated incident.

A shooting was caught on camera in 2020 after a car crash in a busy St. Louis City intersection.  The crash and shooting took place on Lindell and Sarah near the Central West End.  Two men were seen arguing after the crash in the middle of Lindell Boulevard when one man pulled out a gun and started shooting.  But St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner let the shooter walk free the next day without filing charges.

In an earlier event, St. Louis Police arrested a drug dealer in possession of over 1,000 highly addictive opiate pills and more than $30,000 in cash.  St. Louis police officers also got a confession from their suspect. But when investigators brought their evidence to Gardner’s Circuit Attorney’s office in downtown St. Louis the attorneys REFUSED to press charges against the dealer and handed the police report back to the officers!

And now Kim Gardner allowed this dangerous man on the street and a young girl’s life is forever changed.

KSDK reported:

Daniel Riley was in court ready to go to trial for an armed robbery seven months before police say he caused a crash that caused a volleyball player to lose both of her legs Saturday.

His alleged victim was there. So were the witnesses. And so was the defense.

But St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner’s Office wasn’t ready even though the robbery happened in 2020, according to court documents obtained by the I-Team.

So, Gardner’s staff dismissed the charges and refiled them the same day.

That was July 18 of last year. Riley had been on house arrest with a GPS bracelet up until that point and was supposed to remain that way until his next day in court

The I-Team obtained records showing Riley violated the terms of his GPS monitoring system more than 40 times after July 18, the most recent of which happened Feb. 13 . . .

. . . Gardner’s office never filed a motion with the court to revoke his bond because of those violations.

Last Saturday, Riley allegedly struck 16-year-old Janae Edmondson — who was in town with her family for a volleyball tournament.

CBS42 reported:

A Smyrna High School senior was in St. Louis for a volleyball tournament when she was hit by a car Saturday night, causing her to have both of her legs amputated.

“She was a catalyst,” said Mid TN Volleyball Club Assistant Director Jeff Wismer. “A kid who is pretty confident in who she is and doesn’t try to be anything more than what she is.”

According to St. Louis police, Janae Edmondson was critically injured after being hit by a car around 8:40 p.m. Saturday. Police say a car drove past a yield sign at an intersection and hit a parked car and Edmondson. The driver was arrested for second-degree assault.

Wismer said that Edmondson had recently verbally accepted an offer to play volleyball for a Middle Tennessee college. He said like so many other of his players, this was a dream of Edmondson’s for a while.

“To take all those steps and in a moment for it to be gone, there’s just no words to try and communicate how you process that setback,” Wismer said.

Riley was allegedly going 20 miles over the speed limit when he struck a car that pinned Edmondson between another car. Police say he never even tried to use the brake.

Such a tragedy!

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