Geraldo Rivera’s Despicable Attempt to Downplay Illegal Immigration Crashes and Burns

Geraldo Rivera’s Despicable Attempt to Downplay Illegal Immigration Crashes and Burns

Former liberal Fox News bomb thrower Geraldo Rivera jumped to his X account to denigrate Americans who are worried about illegal aliens swamping our border.

In a Tuesday X post, Rivera, who was fired from Fox News’s “The Five” last year, scoffed, “Many of the folks most concerned with illegal immigrant aliens have never actually seen one.”

This idea is absurd on its face.

Joe Biden’s illegal alien crisis has brought more illegal aliens into the country than the entire legal population of Arizona (and 36 other states).

Even back in 2021, during Biden’s first year in office, his open-door policies brought in more illegals than the populations of 11 states.

And by last year, that number of states grew to an astounding 22 states, according to the Daily Signal.

It is the height of lunacy for Rivera to imagine that that many illegals can flood the country and live among us undetected and unobserved to the point where “many folks” in America would never have encountered an illegal alien.

Indeed, no matter where you live in this vast country, you will meet them. In stores, on street corners, in our airports, in our schools, in our big cities where left-wing mayors are giving them free housing, everywhere you go in every corner of the nation, one has ample opportunity to encounter someone who is here illegally. And if you live in a border state, or in a big city, you couldn’t avoid meeting illegals if you wanted to.

Rivera didn’t get to push out his nonsense without some blowback, though. Many took to social media to blast him for his absurd characterization of those who oppose illegal immigration.

X user SirWinston had the best reply, of course, writing, “Laken Riley saw one. It was the last thing she saw. Say her name Geraldo.”

Laken Riley is the vivacious, 22-year-old Georgia coed who was allegedly murdered by a dangerous illegal alien who the Biden administration allowed to walk freely into the country with no repercussions.

X user Kevin Dalton posted the headlines from stories about illegals raping and murdering Americans. Dalton added, “Well let’s meet a few, shall we?” and added a link to his previous posts with the headlines.

Another X user blasted Rivera as “moronic.”

“You are full of BS and arrogance. Read what you just posted. It’s moronic,” she wrote. “Physically knowing whether someone is here illegally or not has absolutely no bearing on witnessing what their presence is doing to our country. Crime is up everywhere, taxpayers in large democrat cities are paying the most — their state and city taxes are going up to house, feed, clothe and provide medical care — all free. Most of those who came in illegally will never make a contribution to our country. They will be forever be dependent upon American citizens to continue to support them financially.”

“Prove your support for them. Invite a family — not vetted to come live with you to showcase what a wonderful citizen you are. Put your money where your big mouth is at,” she demanded.

Rivera has been promoting this soft on illegal immigration ideology for years. Back in 2007, he and former Fox News star Bill O’Reilly got in an intense argument about illegal aliens and the impact they have on this country.

Geraldo Rivera has been soft on illegals for decades. And he doesn’t seem to care how many Americans pay the price in the meantime.

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Author: Warner Todd Huston, The Western Journal