Fulton County Claimed 59,143 People Voted on Election Day In Person. But the Data Does Not Support That

Fulton County Claimed 59,143 People Voted on Election Day In Person. But the Data Does Not Support That

With only a month left to go for election document retention in accordance with Federal law, and with the 2022 Election season in full swing, it seems an appropriate time to reflect on some of the anomalies in the 2020 election.  After all, we never did get an answer for most of these.  Perhaps this information may be relevant to the grand jury that is investigating President Trump for his phone call with Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.  After all, President Trump laid out a plethora of vote discrepancies totaling in the hundreds of thousands of votes when all he needed was 12,000 or so.

In this article, I’d like to spotlight the analysis that was produced by David Cross and his team.  Mr. Cross found that, using the Georgia Secretary of State’s own results page, they claimed to have 59,143 in-person voters on November 3, 2020.  You can watch the segment I did with Mr. Cross in the video above.

On November 3, 2020, the Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections called a special meeting to discuss the election thus far.  In this live-streamed meeting that is still available here, Fulton County’s interim Elections Chief Dwight Brower said that as of about 5pm, “about 14,152 people have cast a ballot” in Fulton Co.  At the  16:42 mark, Dr. Kathleen Ruth asks Dwight Brower to confirm that number of 14,152.   At 17:28, BRE member Mark Wingate again, for a third time, asks Dwight Brower to confirm that 14,152 ballots have been cast in person on Election Day thus far.  And again, he confirms with Ralph Jones, the Registration Chief, also present on the call.

This admission by Dwight Brower would suggest that between the hours of 5pm and 7pm in Fulton County, almost 45,000 people rushed to the polls to vote in-person.  However, as mentioned by David Cross in our interview, there was no reporting of long lines or any rushes to the polls.  In fact, the Saporta Report, a well-known local news outlet, claimed you could hear the “rustling of leaves on the ground” outside the Central Park Rec Center polling location.  The polls were opened two hours extra, from 7-9pm due to “technical issues” early on, but as reported, all of those ballots were to be voted on provisional ballots.

Further evidence of this counting anomaly can be found in the Carter Jones Report.  You may remember Carter Jones as the individual hired by the Secretary of State’s office to oversee the election process in Fulton Co and issue his findings and suggestions.  In his notes, there is a screenshot that shows a total vote count of 21,843 election day votes on November 5 at 12:49am.  This is obviously a far cry from the 59,000 reported by Fulton Co.

If you search this document, provided by Fulton Co, for total vote records from 5pm until close, you will see that there were 6,931 voters in that time frame.  If you factor in what Dwight Brower stated (14,152 votes) plus the 6,931 votes from the Voter List above, it is only 105 votes off from the 21,843 in the Carter Jones report.   The Voter List document above does show 59,186 people voted, however, it does not corroborate with what Dwight Brower claimed three separate times to the BRE in an official meeting, or what Carter Jones incidentally displayed in his report.  The Voter List above shows that the 14,152nd person checked in to vote at 8:36am.  This implies that Dwight Brower would have been citing data that is almost nine hours behind.  This also is not likely as they have real-time poll pad check ins through Cradle Point software.

I wish there was a way to reconcile all of this and get the truth, however, requests for Election Day ballot images have been repeatedly denied with the response “Ballot imaging was not required for the November 2020 election.  No responsive records.”

Here is a previous video of the Fulton County Georgia election numbers.
Joe Hoft posted this last week.

Voter integrity investigator and data specialist Jeff O’Donnell prepared video, this time of the Edison data emanating from Georgia’s Fulton County.

Based on the data provided to the media throughout the country during the 2020 Election, there can be no doubt of data manipulation in Fulton County.

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Author: Brian Lupo