Five Ways the Current Management at Twitter Tramples on Free Speech Rights

Will Elon Musk save free speech?  For the sake of world history, we hope so. 

Twitter is an amazing tool with the incredible ability to share information instantaneously with millions and billions around the world.  However, the current management used it as a tool to promote far-left insanity and by doing so, destroyed free speech in the US.

Here is a list of some of the ways, the current management at Twitter has trampled on free speech – a key American right.

1. Most notably Twitter’s management kicked you off their platform if they didn’t like you.  The most notable person kicked off the platform was the best user of Twitter in history – President Donald Trump.  But there were many others who were kicked off the platform as well.  Users with hundreds of thousands of followers and users with thousands of followers were kicked off the platform because they were conservatives who loved America and President Trump.

President Trump Is Kicked Off of Twitter But Hamas Leader Allowed to Celebrate the “Bombing of Tel Aviv”

2. Twitter management would censor individuals for days at a time when they shared something that the far-left management team at Twitter didn’t like.  [I had this happen to me when I shared an article about Hunter Biden before the 2020 Election that was taken from his laptop and totally true.]  Twitter used this tactic to keep users from sharing what the management did not like and to scare them into complying in their future interactions with the platform.

3. Twitter management ‘shadow banned’ individual accounts and tweets it did not like. A conservative may tweet an amazing piece of information but that tweet wouldn’t be seen by a majority of followers because Twitter would block it from being shared broadly.

Trump Social Inadvertently Uncovers Massive Censoring on Twitter of Conservative Websites

4. Twitter allowed bots on the site to push stories and manipulate the masses.

FAKE NEWS-FAKE STATS=> Half of NY Times, WaPo and Guardian Traffic Is CHINA BOTS!

5. Twitter allows and promotes nasty commenters and gives them priority in conservative tweet responses.  We’ve noticed this for years.   When President Trump would tweet sometimes all of the first ten responses were negative.  Hillary paid for a group of nasty individuals to do this and it was obvious Twitter gave them and people like them priority.

Thank You, Donald Trump!… Hillary’s Nasty Paid Internet Trolls Get Canned, Go Silent

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