FBI Officially Adopts More ‘Inclusive’ LGBTQIA+ Acronym, Replacing LGBT+

FBI Officially Adopts More ‘Inclusive’ LGBTQIA+ Acronym, Replacing LGBT+

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The FBI has left many questioning the agency’s priorities with the adoption of the LGBTQIA+ acronym over the previously used LGBT+. The change, brought to public attention by former agent and whistleblower Kyle Seraphin, directs FBI employees to alter their language practices to be more inclusive of different gender identities and sexual orientations.

Seraphin recently disclosed an internal email directive that was disseminated to all FBI employees, directing them to utilize the more inclusive term LGBTQIA+ when referencing individuals pertaining to these communities.

“The FBI has officially adopted the LGBTQIA+ acronym in place of LGBT+. This change was proposed by Bureau Equality, one of our nine Diversity Advisory Committees, and approved by FBI executive management to help promote a more welcoming workplace for members of our LGBTQIA+ community,” the email read.

“LGBTQIA+ stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning, Intersex, Asexual/Aromantic, plus. The “+” represents other gender, sexual, and romantic identities not covered by the letters of the acronym.”

Effective immediately, the FBI will implement the LGBTQIA+ acronym in all facets of its operations. This includes internal events, observances, communications, products of the U.S. Intelligence Community, and all external communications like social media posts, public reports, and announcements.

“More than 30 federal agencies, including the Department of Justice, use a form of the expanded acronym,” according to the email.

Yet, this move has sparked a broader debate on whether the FBI is allocating too much of its resources and attention to social politics, instead of concentrating on its primary duty to protect American citizens.

Concerns that the focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) will eclipse critical security measures are at the forefront of this contention. The decision also raises questions about the expansive role of such diversity initiatives in federal agencies historically centered on national security.

Meanwhile, worthless Republicans approved $300 million in funding for the new FBI headquarters.

Rep. Matt Gaetz said, “They’ve worked hard to censor factual information harmful to their preferred political candidates, notably the Hunter Biden laptop story that the FBI, based in the DC metro area, were involved in cajoling censorship of. Building a new headquarters would condone, reinforce, and enable the Washington Field Office of the Federal Bureau of Investigations’ nefarious behavior. We shouldn’t do it, and we should adopt this amendment to ensure that’s the case.”

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