EXCLUSIVE: Unmasking the Biden-Harris Administration’s International Human Trafficking – Interviews with Illegal Migrants

EXCLUSIVE: Unmasking the Biden-Harris Administration’s International Human Trafficking – Interviews with Illegal Migrants

EXCLUSIVE: Unmasking the Biden-Harris Administration’s International Human Trafficking – Interviews with Illegal Migrants

Guest Post by Bob Bishop

The government media complex uses the January 6th kangaroo trial and the Ukraine war as weapons of mass distraction suppressing reporting on the illegal alien invasion.  George Rodriquez, a Conservative Spanish Talk Show Host, and I conducted numerous interviews of illegal migrants, including hours of videotaping providing the public insight into international human trafficking.

The interviews occurred at San Antonio’s new Migrant Resource Center (funded by FEMA), the strategic depot for interstate trafficking of illegal aliens throughout the USA.   Like other sanctuary cities, San Antonio is now being overwhelmed by the influx.

The interviews are firsthand accounts of their hazardous journey and inhumane treatment while migrating to the USA, not anecdotal.  The migrants we spoke with were highly motivated due to the Biden-Harris Administration’s open border no longer requiring VISAs.

Most migrants encountered were Venezuelans and sometimes ex-pat Cubans seeking better opportunities.  They are economic migrants like those from Central America who don’t qualify for asylum.  The Migrant Resource Center warehouses those without sponsors.  It ultimately releases them from custody to seek a US destination, which often leaves them homeless.

The migrants interviewed spoke only Spanish, were uneducated, impoverished, and lacked vocational skills making assimilation extremely challenging.  The interview video clips with English closed captions are linked HERE or HERE with accompanying descriptions providing context. 

One man from Venezuela would not recommend immigrating to the US.

One Cuban woman was robbed by Mexican police and physically assaulted.

Watching the clips, one cannot help but feel empathic towards the migrants suffering from harsh conditions, theft, extortion, and violence—their extreme hardships caused by the callousness of the Biden-Harris Administration’s Wild West open borders. 

Perilous Migrant Routes

The migrants must pass through the dangerous Darién Gap en route to the USA.  The lawless Darién Gap is the geographic region between Colombia and Panama.  Without roads, migrants must traverse treacherous mountains, rivers, swamps, and tropical forests that stretch for sixty miles.  Those with sufficient funds can bypass the Darién Gap by boat from Carroto, Colombia, to Colón, Panama.

Interviewees uniformly shared stories of witnessing thugs robbing, assaulting, raping, and murdering migrants. Migrants that suffered injuries, became seriously ill, or ran out of provisions were left stranded in the jungle to die.

Once exiting the Gap, migrants take a layover at the UN migrant encampment Las Peñitas, co-funded by the USAID NGO using US tax dollars. Then they travel along the Pan-American Highway route along the west coast to Tapachula, Mexico, passing through the open borders of Nicaragua, Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala. Travel caravans swell into thousands as they gather migrants from Central America.


There is a visa office 25 miles north of Tapachula at Huixtla, where migrants wait 30 days or more for a VISA to travel across Mexico to the US border. Migrants, out of frustration over slow delays in getting VISAs, attempted to take over the immigration office and blocked roads.

The final predation gauntlet is from Monterey, Mexico, which is absolute hell.  The unrestrained police collected bribes, robbed, and tortured the migrants.  Piling on is the Sinaloa Cartel, Mexico’s dominant drug cartel, along with smaller competing cartels.  The Mexican drug cartels will get more muscular with the bounty from human trafficking, further destabilizing Mexico and, ultimately, the US Southwest.

The rigorous physical challenges and risk of death explain why most migrants are young males.  Many migrants recommend others not to follow due to the cruel hardships, and some instead suggest applying for a VISA.

Military Division Sized Caravans

The large caravans, the size of a military division, are not organic but professionally organized to intimidate law enforcement and attempt to limit predation.  Periodic aid stations funded by co-conspirators, the UN, NGOs, and charities along the daily route provide water, food, thermal blankets, drugs, hygiene kits, emergency medical relief, and other essentials.  Armies don’t march on empty stomachs.  The Media never films the aid stations and transitory shelters that would reveal the complicit organizations.

The large caravans are an ideal incubator for common or novel infectious diseases like TB, zika, malaria, pertussis, influenza, etc.  It won’t be monkeypox putting an unprecedented strain on the US health system.

Pueblo Sin Fronteras (Towns Without Borders) provides the leadership for many caravans.  News media avoids photos and videos of yellow-vested leaders, giving an impression of the caravans being spontaneous.

Pueblo Sin Fronteras is a pseudo charity, and donations made on its website go to the ultra-radical Alliance for Global Justice.  Alliance’s website discloses it is in solidarity with Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua Marxist regimes. Things that make you go, Hmmm…

Aiding & Abetting Human Trafficking

Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Homeland Security Director Alejandro Mayorkas took an unheralded trip to Panama on April 18, 2022, to coordinate migration.  Also attending was Blas Nunez Neto, USAID NGO Assistant Administrator.  The two-day trip came weeks before the Biden-Harris Administration ended Title 42, prohibiting unlawful entrance into the country.

USAID, CIA-founded, announced on June 10, 2022, a $314 million aid package of humanitarian assistance specifically targeting Venezuelan migrants.  The funding provides migrants with hot meals, cash transfers, food vouchers, and food kits.  It is no accident we are seeing a surge of Venezuelan migrants in San Antonio.

De facto Citizenship

Illegal migrants rely on phony asylum claims to be immediately granted an unsecured bond and released. The migrant is assigned a future court date for permanent residence. Since migrants stay over a year, they are eligible for welfare entitlements and ultimately become permanent wards of the US.

The Biden-Harris Administration wants to provide ID Cards and a mobile app allowing illegal aliens to open bank accounts and obtain driver’s licenses. A driver’s license would lead to voter registration fraud.  Homeland Security claims the app would manage and track migration as part of a “smart border,” and a border wall and detention camps are unnecessary.

“We are working tirelessly to rebuild our immigration system,” ~ said Treasonous Homeland Security Director Mayorkas.

Biden-Harris’s Gandhi-Like Migration

In 1947, India gained its independence as a British colony.  Mahatma Gandhi, India’s independence leader, moved to partition India into a Muslim state (Pakistan) and a Hindu state (India).  He put into motion one of the greatest catastrophic migrations.  The immigration strategy resulted in a calamity of uprooting over 15 million people, decimating between one to two million Indians.

The Biden-Harris open borders policy hasn’t reached the level of India’s great migration; it has resulted in tens of thousands of migrants traumatized and dead.  That total will continue to grow with the wide-open border policy.  It is a Cloward–Piven strategy of creating an overwhelming crisis using unarmed, mostly military-age male migrants as an invading force.

The Biden-Harris Administration, run by Marxist technocrats, relies on Western empathy preventing state officials and citizens from protecting the border against passive and defenseless migrants. The ultimate goal is to erase American citizenship and borders to achieve the naïve global utopia run by elites like Canada’s effete Justin Trudeau.

Dr. Michael Savage’s Prognosis

Dr. Savage’s thought-provoking “Borders, Language, and Culture” tome defines a nation. Without borders or the rule of law, America cannot survive. 

Bob Bishop and George Rodriquez are residents of San Antonio, Texas

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