EXCLUSIVE: Trump-Endorsed Congressional Nominee Kelly Cooper Gives Updates On His Critical Race DAYS Before Nov. 8 Midterm Election (VIDEO)

EXCLUSIVE: Trump-Endorsed Congressional Nominee Kelly Cooper Gives Updates On His Critical Race DAYS Before Nov. 8 Midterm Election (VIDEO)

EXCLUSIVE: Trump-Endorsed Congressional Nominee Kelly Cooper Gives Updates On His Critical Race DAYS Before Nov. 8 Midterm Election (VIDEO)

EXCLUSIVE: Trump-Endorsed Congressional Nominee Kelly Cooper Gives Updates On His Critical Race DAYS Before Nov. 8 Midterm Election (VIDEO)

Trump-Endorsed Congressional Nominee Kelly Cooper in Arizona’s District 4 discussed his race with The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson Thursday night after speaking at Kari Lake’s Arizona First rally in Ahwatukee, Arizona. 

“As a Small Businessman, Kelly will work hard to Grow the Economy and Hold Joe Biden and Greg Stanton, who is beholden to the Radical Left, Accountable for their colossal incompetence,” President Trump stated in his official Endorsement of Kelly Cooper for US Congress.

With Kelly Cooper in Congress and Blake Masters in the US Senate, Republicans will fight against Joe Biden’s inflation, stand up for free speech, deliver resources to help Arizona secure its southern border, and secure elections on the federal level.

The Gateway Pundit reported on Kari Lake’s entire Arizona First rally featuring Trump-Endorsed Mark Finchem, Trump-Endorsed Blake Masters, Trump-Endorsed Abe Hamadeh, and Trump-Endorsed Kelly Cooper.

WATCH LIVE: Kari Lake’s Arizona First Rally With Trump-Endorsed Candidates

Hundreds of Patriots turned out to see their Trump-Endorsed candidates days before the midterm election.

The Gateway Pundit reported that Kari Lake exposed radical leftist Katie Hobbs’ perverted agenda while speaking at the rally.

We learned last night that Hobbs’ husband is a child therapist who specializes in gender transitions for children. It’s no wonder why Katie Hobbs supports genital mutilation for children.

SICK: Radical Leftist Katie Hobbs’ Husband Is A Child Therapist Who Specializes In Gender Transitions For CHILDREN – “We Cannot Let This Monster Anywhere Near The Governor’s Office” – Kari Lake

If Katie Hobbs were the Governor of Arizona, she would likely overturn Arizona’s laws protecting minors from permanent life-altering surgery, enabling her husband to continue these disgusting practices.

Kari Lake joins President Trump in endorsing Kelly Cooper because he will stand for children against radical left policies.

During Cooper’s speech, he called on Democrat Greg Stanton to drop out of the race for helping Joe Biden abolish our energy independence, blocking border security measures, and making life worse for Arizonans. “You don’t deserve to represent the people of Arizona’s District 4,” said Cooper.

Over 5 million illegal immigrants have entered our country since Joe Biden took office, but the left continues to claim the border is “secure.” This does not even include the likely millions of gotaways and human smuggling victims.

Greg Stanton has repeatedly voted with the Biden Regime against border security measures and for Bidenflation policies, including the $750 billion “Inflation Reduction Act,” which hired 87,000 new IRS agents to target hard-working Americans.

After the rally, Cooper laid out his agenda to bring down costs and exposed Greg Stanton’s open borders agenda in an exclusive interview with TGP.

All voters need to turn out and vote for Kelly Cooper on November 8th to take back this seat from liberal Democrats. “As long as everybody shows up, we’re going to win this thing, and we’re going to bring it home,” Cooper stated.

Conradson: What does it mean to you to be endorsed by Donald Trump?

Cooper: Well, I think it’s a recognition of the experience and talents that I bring to the table. But you’re talking about being able to fix the economy and secure the border. And these are the issues that face all of these people today. And I believe that that’s the merits on which I’m endorsed.

Conradson: How’s your race going so far against liberal Democrat Greg Stanton?

Cooper: Greg Stanton votes 100% with Pelosi and Biden. The race is amazing. It’s toss-up or better. As long as everybody shows up, we’re going to win this thing, and we’re going to bring it home. We’ll have at least a seven-to-two advantage coming out of the congressional delegation here in Arizona.

Conradson: Recently at a debate with Greg Stanton, he said that he’s been doing pretty much everything he can on the southern border and saying that he’s been to the southern border. What’s the truth there?

Cooper: The truth is, is that he stood on the floor and blocked conversation about codifying Title 42 into law, which would have helped to protect our southern border. He can say all that he wants, but I think the proof is in the pudding, and the results are in the actions. He has done and accomplished nothing in his time in Congress to actually secure our border. Similar to he’s done nothing to secure our economy, to turn back on the American engine, to turn up productivity, to increase production in oil. He says that he’s for all of these things. As a matter of fact, he pretends to be a conservative now that he’s running for office again, and he’s being challenged. But the truth is, his voting record and his accomplishments speak for themselves. It is time for change in this district. The people know it. We know it, and you can see it clearly by the group’s here. It’s time for Greg Stanton to retire.

Conradson: He’s blaming corporations, companies for price gouging or raising their prices. What’s the truth as a small business owner, what’s going on that’s causing this inflation here in our country?

Cooper: As it pertains to the oil industry and gas prices, specifically, he said in the debate that I stood for price gouging. And if that was really the case, this is Joe Biden’s thing, too, right? He wants to say that the oil industry and gas stations are price gouging. Where are the charges? Where are the charges from the administration for people that are breaking the law if that’s really what’s happening. It’s not what’s happening. The bureaucrats and the red tape the bureaucracy that you have to go through in order to get a refinery opened, not to do the exploration. You can get the leases, but then the approvals, the permits, the permitting process to get that oil and move it to somewhere else, to get it to the refineries, to process it, to bring ourselves back up to energy independence takes forever. What they’ve done is they’ve created a regulatory state that accomplishes their mission which is shutting down the oil and gas industry without actually shutting down the oil and gas industry. So they get to say, well, we’re trying, but they’re not really. The regulation process takes so long that as a business owner, it becomes detrimental or a negative impact to try to reinvest in your business, especially when Joe Biden, on a daily basis, says he wants oil and gas shut down. So, when it takes seven years to permit to open a refinery—not to construct and to open a refinery—to permit the opening of a refinery, we have a problem in the way that our government runs things. And they’re using that bureaucracy to make sure that the oil and gas industry is dead, and they’re doing everything they can and it’s our job to fix that.

Conradson: Right seven years to open a refinery, only two years to destroy our economy. What are your plans to stand up to Biden’s inflation and get our economy back to work?

Cooper: Yeah, so we are going to use the budgetary process to make sure that we get back to energy independence. We are going to build a broad coalition of incoming congressmen and women, including a large number of military veterans that are coming in today, to make sure that we stand on the principles and the values that we say and pressure the administration through a budgetary policy now and then holding people accountable. So, impeachment process and all the other stuff with some of these heads of departments to make sure that we’re doing what’s in the best interest of the people here in this country, in Arizona’s District Four and moving forward. And then I would say in 2024, we’re going to find that the people of Arizona and the people of America are going to elect conservative administration into office to move the rest of the way.

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