EXCLUSIVE: Save America Attorney Christina Bobb Discusses 2024 Election, Agrees Kevin McCarthy is “Out of Compliance” and Congress Should Vote to Remove Him as Speaker (VIDEO)

EXCLUSIVE: Save America Attorney Christina Bobb Discusses 2024 Election, Agrees Kevin McCarthy is “Out of Compliance” and Congress Should Vote to Remove Him as Speaker (VIDEO)

EXCLUSIVE: Save America Attorney Christina Bobb Discusses 2024 Election, Agrees Kevin McCarthy is “Out of Compliance” and Congress Should Vote to Remove Him as Speaker (VIDEO)

Trump Save America Attorney Christina Bobb told The Gateway Pundit on Thursday that she agrees with Matt Gaetz, saying that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy is “out of compliance” and should be removed.

On the same day that McCarthy announced he was finally directing House committees to open an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) was still unimpressed.

The Gateway Pundit reported last Tuesday that Gaetz threatened to remove Speaker McCarthy for being out of compliance with the agreement that allowed him to assume his role.

“You’re Out of Compliance” – Rep. Gaetz Threatens to Remove Speaker McCarthy (VIDEO)

This comes as the House Oversight Committee’s investigation into the Biden family confirmed what we already knew: Joe Biden and Hunter Biden were involved in foreign business deals and bribery schemes when Joe Biden was Vice President. Biden was also caught participating in these illegal transactions using pseudonym e-mail accounts, including [email protected], [email protected], and [email protected], as Vice President despite claiming he never spoke to Hunter about his business. Joe Biden should have been impeached a long time ago.

Bobb says she is “disappointed at the slow rate” of impeachment, considering we’ve known about this corruption since before the stolen 2020 Election.

“It would be transparent to the American people, which members of Congress stand where, and so I liked the idea of having the vote,” Bobb said of a vote to remove Kevin McCarthy from his chair.

Bobb, a former prosecutor and defense counsel at Quantico, Virginia, and Stuttgart, Germany, also shared her take on the Biden Regime’s political persecution of President Trump to rig the election and the Democrats’ attempts to bar Trump from holding office using the 14th Amendment.

The legal theory to remove Trump from the ballot is based on Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which states public officials who have “engaged in insurrection or rebellion against” the US may be disqualified from public office. “The problem is Donald Trump hasn’t even been charged with insurrection,” said Bobb, calling it a “ridiculous attempt on the part of Democrats to try to take him off the ballot.”

These criminals will do anything to prevent Trump from becoming President again.

Additionally, as Joe Biden and his family get away with their treasonous high crimes and misdemeanors and take sweetheart plea deals from far-left investigators, President Trump faces 91 charges in four separate indictments against him despite committing no crime.

Bobb says she “take[s] some comfort” that the Democrats are targeting Trump with the Justice Department because it shows they won’t be able to steal another election through the usual means of ballot stuffing and voting machine fraud. However, Bobb said America needs to “push back on COVID mandates” as the Regime tries to bring COVID back. Also, with the threat of World War III under Biden, it is unclear what kind of restrictions will be in place when the election happens.

The Gateway Pundit reported that President Trump is soaring and crushing Joe Biden in head-to-head general election polls. Americans can see the Biden Regime is anti-American and corrupt to the core.

As Biden continues to fall during public appearances, speak gibberish, start wars, and his family’s corruption is exposed, President Trump is sure to win in November 2024. They won’t be able to cheat enough, so they are attempting to imprison Trump or remove him from the ballot.

Bobb spoke to The Gateway Pundit correspondent Jordan Conradson last week about the Biden Regime’s clear election interference, the two-tiered justice system, and the likelihood of Congress impeaching Biden.

Watch below:

Conradson: It turns out Trump was right during his presidency and during the 2020 campaign, about the Biden Crime Family, but instead of going after these guys, the DOJ is going after President Trump. Can you talk about the election interference here and compare it to what they did in 2020?

Bobb: Yeah, I mean, it is all election interference. When you say the sham indictments, I would say, “which one?” because there are so many. Clearly, the four against Donald Trump, but then you also have the most recent indictment against Hunter Biden, which clearly seems to be a sort of cover-up, sweetheart deal. Let’s try to make it look like we’re doing something without actually doing anything. You know, I’m not convinced these indictments really are doing justice for what we all know Hunter Biden has done. It certainly appears that Joe Biden’s Department of Justice is taking out injustice on his political opponents, and also another form of injustice by not holding his own family accountable with what they’re doing.

Conradson: We’ve also got states trying to take Trump off the ballot. So who are they taking orders from? Are they taking orders from Robert Peters or Joe Biden? Who is it?

Bobb: Yeah, I don’t know. I don’t even think it’s Joe Biden. I mean, it might be, but I don’t even think Joe Biden’s in charge of Joe Biden. Who knows who’s calling the shots? But this attempt to get Donald Trump off the ballot, it’s not gonna work. It’s not even in the realm of possibility. I know Democrats are willing it really, really hard, but that doesn’t make it likely. It doesn’t even make it possible. What they’re saying they’re doing is using the 14th Amendment, which says anybody guilty of insurrection is unable to hold federal office. They have a very serious problem, though. The problem is Donald Trump hasn’t even been charged with insurrection, so there’s no chance that he’s going to qualify, under that particular Section Three of the 14th amendment, to be disqualified because they haven’t even alleged that he did that. So this really is a ridiculous attempt on the part of Democrats to try to take him off the ballot, that’s never going to happen.

Conradson: They’re treating him like he’s guilty until proven innocent. So let’s say we get through all of this political persecution, all of this lawfare before the next election, what are we supposed to do to stop them from stealing it like they did in 2020?

Bobb: The silver lining to all of these sham indictments, as you were saying, is that to me, that tells me that they don’t believe they have the election locked in, as far as the rigging goes, the way that they did in 2020. Because if they did, they wouldn’t be outing themselves with all these crazy indictments. They’re trying to get rid of him through the judicial process, or excuse me, the Justice Department process, rather than actually letting the people decide who should lead the country. And so I actually, in like a weird, twisted way, kind of take some comfort in the fact that I don’t think they have it as locked in as they would like it to be. Now, we know they’re trying to bring back COVID. We know they’re trying to start a war. They’re trying to do a lot of things that could interfere with this election. So, what I would say to people is push back on COVID mandates. You know, they used COVID. I mean, they raked it in with all of these COVID restrictions to force people from going to the polls, adding these “kajillion” mail-in ballots. So I know it doesn’t seem election-related, but whatever community you’re in, push back legally, in all legal means, push back against COVID restrictions or mandates or whatever. And then, more importantly, become part of the process. Become a poll worker, observer, work for your county. If you’re retired and you’re frustrated with what’s going on, please take a job at your county office. Who would have thought that some of the most important offices in the country right now are county level, but they really are because they’re running the elections, so get involved in your county. If you don’t know how, directly with the county, you can go to your county, but if you want to get involved in a grassroots effort in your area, Mike Lindell put a network together. If you’re looking for resources, you can go to causeofamerica.org. It’ll just show you who’s doing that type of work in your county and you can get plugged in there.

Conradson: I want to talk about the impeachment inquiry. So Kevin McCarthy announces an impeachment inquiry. Do you trust this will go anywhere? Do you agree with Matt Gaetz that he’s out of compliance and should be removed?

Bobb: I agree with Matt Gaetz. I agree that he’s out of compliance. I am disappointed at the slow rate that they’re moving on this impeachment inquiry. You know, Republicans are much more methodical. Democrats will just be like, “Impeach in 12 days!” with no evidence. Joe Biden shouldn’t be in office, right? We all know he’s crooked, not just for the fact that they stole the election, but the fact that he is taking bribe money, what’s tantamount to bribe money in the 10s of millions of dollars, that we know of. Congress hasn’t even released all of the information. So, I do think Joe Biden will eventually be removed from office. I don’t know how long that’s going to take, whether it’s going to come through an impeachment or whether it’s going to come through the voters, but he doesn’t have much time left in office, I don’t think. At the very least, he’ll be a one-term president, and I’m not convinced that he will be the candidate; I think he won’t be the candidate on the ballot come November. But, you know, the thing that I really like about what Matt Gaetz is doing, and what he’s trying to challenge, and he even said this on the House floor; he said, we need to have a vote on whether McCarthy should stay the speaker, and Matt Gaetz said I may not win that. He said, in fact, it’s likely that he wouldn’t, that Kevin McCarthy would win a retention vote, and he would stay. However, it would be transparent to the American people, which members of Congress stand where, and so I like the idea of having the vote. I don’t think it would actually out Kevin McCarthy, but it gives us, the American people, an opportunity to see where our congressmen stand.

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