EXCLUSIVE: Democrats Accuse Trump Train of Violating Ku Klux Klan Act — Defendants Push Back Against Mainstream Media Lies

EXCLUSIVE: Democrats Accuse Trump Train of Violating Ku Klux Klan Act — Defendants Push Back Against Mainstream Media Lies

Biden Bus Texas
The Biden Bus rolling through Texas in late 2020

On October 28, 2020, Donald Trump Jr. responded to reports that the Biden-Harris Campaign was sponsoring a “Soul of the Nation” Bus Tour in the Lone Star State — he asked Texans to give them “a nice Trump Train welcome.”

“Get out there. Have some fun. Enjoy it,” said the president’s son.

Two days later, a grassroots community of Trump Supporters answered his call. They headed out in their trucks with flags flying high — eager to meet the Biden Bus as it made its way from San Antonio to Austin— excited to provide a playful escort on I-35.

Thirty-two months after that fateful day, the fight for the soul of the nation continues, and eight American lives are directly in the crosshairs of the Biden Bus law-fare machine — accused of a “modern-day conspiracy to intimidate voters,” like pointy-hooded members of the Ku Klux Klan “in the dark of night in 1871.”

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In a 62-page lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas, former State Senator Wendy Davis and three others allege members of the Trump Train violated their civil rights. She and the other plaintiffs say they were “terrorized and menaced” to the point of “psychological and emotional injury” — forever scarred by Trump Supporters who joined them on the highway that day.

While the Plaintiff’s borderline-satirical lawsuit has been lauded (and perhaps crafted) by partners in mainstream media, the Defendants have had their lives destroyed. But after being harassed in their homes and left voiceless for years by the insufferable harpies in control of the corporate propaganda machine, three good Americans are now choosing to speak out against those who seek to punish their freedom of expression.

Wendy Davis Biden Bus
Former TX State Senator Wendy Davis in early 2020

In early 2020, Joeylynn Mesaros was new to politics. She consulted with her husband and felt she should support Trump. Her friends disapproved, however. Mesaros says she was accused of being a racist bigot — encouraged to sit in silence.

“That was like the first time I experienced cancel culture,” Mesaros explains, “I came home, and my husband was like, ‘Maybe we just need some new friends.’ And so we joined a Trump train group in our town that was parading around.”

For Pastor Steve Ceh, the decision to support Trump came much earlier.

“As soon as Trump came down from the escalator, I said, ‘That’s my president,’” Ceh says.

Navy Veteran Eliazar “Cisco” Cisneros wasn’t a natural Trump supporter. At first, he surmised The Donald was just another politician in a long line of liars. Sisneros thought Trump was an idiot.

“I didn’t care for the dude,” Cisneros explains, “But then when he got into office, and he started doing stuff, I’m like, ‘okay, what the fuck is going on? Who is this dude?… Why do they hate him?’ He’s trying to do things. And then you start piecing stuff together, like, okay, I’m starting to see it. And now, I will literally spill my blood for this man. I will die for this because for me, dying for him is like dying for this country.”

Trump Train Texas
Eliazar “Cisco” Cisneros

While Cisneros’ devotion to the former president may seem extreme to some, it’s reasonable to speculate that years of law-fare attacks on his First Amendment may have brought him to this point. On October 30, 2020, Cisneros was happy to be a free American.

“We started when the bus was in New Braunfels,” Cisneros reminisces when asked how things developed on October 30, 2021, “I would say we had upwards of about a hundred vehicles, or close to. By the time we got to Austin, we had six. They (The Biden Bus) scared everybody off with their driving.”

Pastor Ceh was also excited, but a conflict with his work schedule forced him to sit it out.

“I thought it was awesome —like old high school days where you put the flags on or whatever,” Ceh explains, “But I was working at the time and couldn’t be there. I was kind of ticked.”

In Joeylynn Mesaros’ mind, having fun was the only agenda that day.

“Our Trump Train had 4,000 members,” she says, “There’d be miles-long images of trucks with Trump flags making the news. And so we thought, if that Biden Bus is coming through New Braunfels, Texas, how fun would it be to show our support for President Trump? I bet we could make the news. And we certainly did.”

As Mesaros and the rest of the Trump Train caught up with the Biden Bus, the situation took a slight turn for the worse.

“A white car that was following the bus exited its lane,” she explains, “It was driving in and out of traffic pretty sporadically, and when it exited its lane, it hit a black truck with a Trump flag.”

The driver of the white car was presumably a staffer associated with the Biden Bus. The driver of the black truck was Eliazar Cisneros.

“The only reason we saw that contact was because they hit me — he was pushing me,” Cisneros explains, “I thought he was pushing me to kill me.”

Cisneros describes a dangerous situation where the white car continued to jockey for position — just a few feet behind the Biden Bus.

“He started pushing me off the side of the road,” Cisneros says while chuckling incredulously, “I was like, ‘What the fuck are you doing?’ I could’ve touched his vehicle without overextending myself in my seat. That’s how close he was when he hit me. I went off to the side a little bit, and then I just pushed him back into his lane.”

Cisneros says he contacted the San Marcos Police Department — he wanted to report the incident. He says they advised him to contact Kyle Police — Kyle advised him to get back with San Marcos.

“So I called back, and a different person answered — sounded like a young girl,” Cisneros says, “And she was like, ‘Look, we’re not gonna do anything — it’s too late. You should have called yesterday. Sorry. Too bad. Call your insurance.”

Cisneros called his insurance and reported what he describes as “hardly any damage at all.” Shortly after he finished with his insurance company, Cisneros says he got a call from Kyle PD. He says he was told that that no report was available — he was given a reference number and, once again, encouraged to get back in touch with San Marcos PD.

“I think it was the next day I called up San Marcos PD,” he says, “The Sergeant I spoke to said, ‘I can’t talk to you about the case. It’s being handled by the FBI now.’”

Meanwhile, Pastor Steve Ceh was beginning to learn about what happened.

Trump Train Texas
Pastor Steve Ceh and his wife Randi

“We got a video a couple of days later, I think when I saw the video, my daughter of the bus,” he explains, “You can see the white lines as they’re driving 50, 60 miles an hour, and the bus came over into their lane…the video showed everybody maintained their lane. There was no laws broken. They were just driving. And the bus initiated.”

Joeylynn Mesaros says that’s about when mainstream media started to spin what had happened — clipping the video and playing a loop — spinning the facts to support a big lie.

“That was my first understanding of how the media lies and takes something that happens and chops it down and tells you their version of the story and convinces people to believe it,” she explains.

In the following weeks, things only got worse as Eliazar Cisneros, and the Mesaros and Ceh families experienced death threats, intimidation, and relentless harassment on social media. Their addresses and pictures were posted in numerous places online — the situation was entirely out of hand.

Cisneros left for Las Vegas, and Pastor Ceh directed his children to sleep in the loft — away from their bedroom windows at the front of the home.

“I reported the threats with the local FBI,” Pastor Ceh explains, “But they refused to help us.”

Eight months later, Joeylynn Mesaros received a phone call — once again, she was in the news.

“A friend called me and said we were on CNN, and we were getting sued,” she says.

Texas trump train
Joeylynn Mesaros and her husband Robert

She told her friend it had to be “fake news” — she hadn’t received any official notice. Mesaros looked online and found a national press release. It wasn’t fake news, after all.

Eliazar Cisneros was at work when he says he was contacted by CNN.

“I thought it was a complete joke,” he says.

Unfortunately for Cisneros, it wasn’t.

For Pastor Steve Ceh, the legal troubles began with his daughter, Hannah, and her boyfriend, Kyle Kruger.

“My daughter got subpoenaed first, her and her boyfriend,” he explains, “And they had to answer all these questions. I’m a church pastor, I mean, $48,000 a year. I don’t — we don’t have 15,000 to retain a lawyer. So she wasn’t represented. She had to answer all these ridiculous, non-relevant questions, asking her about if she’s racist or if she hates people.”

Nonsensical as it seemed to Pastor Ceh, things only got more challenging for his family when on “the last of the statute of limitations,” he and his wife were added as defendants in the lawsuit — even though neither he nor his wife was on the highway that day.

With the discovery process continuously moving forward, the defendants and their families have become disturbingly acquainted with unprecedented inquisition into their lives. In their desire to exact retribution, the plaintiff’s attorneys have left no stone unturned — desperate to find evidence of racism and bigotry — relentless in their quest to prove what the defendants say is a lie.

“I think this entire case is just something to destroy us either financially or whatever,” Eliazar Cisneros explains, “and they’re doing a good job.”

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As hundreds of thousands of dollars in legal fees continue to stack up, Joeylynn Mesaros is inclined to agree with Cisneros. She and her husband have been through the wringer.

“Even though there are no criminal charges, they’re still suing us under this law,” she explains, “We cashed out our 401k. We obtained our attorney in legal defense, which was extremely expensive because this is in federal court. Our first motion was to dismiss the lawsuit because it was frivolous.

It was based on a lie that the media was perpetuating. And they had not met the basic requirements of using this law against us. However, we have an Obama-appointed judge who ruled that we’d go to trial by jury regardless of the fact that they had not met the basic requirements.”

For Pastor Steve Ceh and his family, the consequences of being targeted have been even more devastating.

His daughter Hannah and her boyfriend, Kyle Kruger recently decided to settle their portion of the lawsuit. Although details remain confidential, both agreed to make public apologies.

According to Pastor Ceh, his daughters’ admission was just the latest injury borne out of years of attacks on his family. But worse than the legal developments is that Hannah is currently estranged — the political division has come home for the Ceh family.

“She walked away from the family about a year and a half ago, and Kyle’s family has money, and they paid, and it really hurt my wife,” Ceh explains, “ I know that it’s just evil what happens, but my wife took it hard…And I understand that when you stand up for the truth and for right, your family’s gonna be attacked, and sometimes you’ll have to take casualties. But we’re just praying that Hannah will make the right decisions here in the future.”

Attorney Jerad Navjar, who represents Joeylynne Mesaros and her husband, says the Plaintiffs from the Biden Bus have repeatedly misrepresented the facts and publicly smeared reputations in the process — poisoning the well in the court of public opinion. One of the most significant issues is that plaintiffs successfully sealed large portions of discovery from public scrutiny.

Texas Trump Train
Attorney Jerad Navjar

“They had to file a motion to get this protective order and, and, and we wrote a response, a long response where we put a lot of evidence in the court,” Navjar explains, “So certainly that’s an issue that I’ll reiterate, and that’ll be what I expect to be an appeal or a mandamus issue in the court of appeals on this where we try to get this protective order lifted — making the argument that the plaintiffs have no right to be protected from disclosure of their own documents. The default rule in federal court is discovery is not confidential. The court should never have granted them the protection they requested, especially when they went out so aggressively, casting these aspersions against all the defendants.”

Even though years have passed, Joeylynn Mesaros suggests the battle is just beginning.

“We want a win for the American people. And hopefully, freespeechdefender.com will become a place where people like us can gain resources to defend their constitutional rights to free speech,” Mesaros says, “I hope and believe that God called us to this as an opportunity to stand up for what’s right and to help people in the future to maintain our freedoms for generations to come.”

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