EXCLUSIVE: Australia Banks are Now “Debanking” Independent Journalists Exercising Their Free Speech Rights

EXCLUSIVE: Australia Banks are Now “Debanking” Independent Journalists Exercising Their Free Speech Rights

Australia’s banks are not “debanking” conservatives because of their beliefs and related statements made in the press and on social media.  

Australian Maria Zeee from Zeee Media shared the following with TGP.

Maria shared that for approximately one month she noticed that her bank card was not working at most ATM’s.  She recently rang ING Bank to see whether there was anything wrong with her card, or her account, or any flags on their end that would be restricting her card access, they advised there was nothing showing on their end.

Then on March 3, 2023, ING emailed Zeee saying her accounts would be closed and access stopped within one week.

Zeee next called ING on the same day and they confirmed the email was from them.  She shared that she spoke to their “Specialist Team” member who she was told could give her more information.  The team asked Zeee to read the email to them, advising that although it was from them they did not have a copy of the email.  In response, they repeated the same information that Zeee had to read to them as to why her account was shut, but still, no reason was specified.

Zeee shared that she has a legitimate, registered business and she pays her taxes.  The bank then confirmed that there was nothing showing on their end to indicate she had done anything “wrong” in financial terms or my financial conduct.

So Zeee asked:

Do you shut down people’s accounts due to their political views by any chance?”  I was met with a long silence, followed by being placed on hold. The representative came back to me repeating the same, generic information.  I asked the question several times, and the representative refused to answer.

Knowing ING has done this to people before as reported in the MSM based not on what they’ve done but who they are, I both called and emailed their PR Manager, asking the following:

1. What is the reason ING is still doing this?
2. What are some likely reasons ING would close an account?
3. Why are the Complaints Resolutions Team, touted as specialists, unable to provide a reason as to why this is occurring when customers call them for an explanation?
4. Does ING close people’s accounts for their political views?

ING responded a week later with:

Thank you for reaching out.  We’re unable to discuss any account closures due to customer confidentiality.

Zeee notes that ING Group is listed as a partner on the WEF website.  Its leadership has attended the WEF in Davos.

Zeee says that Zeee Media reports extensively on the WEF, exposing their true agenda and Australian politicians linked to the WEF.  ING’s refusal to answer our questions led us to believe that this may be politically motivated.  This timing coincides with a hit piece run by 60 minutes on the Wieambilla tragedy, where I am featured warning about Australian soldiers training to turn against Australian people, and Channel 9 is indirectly lumping me in with domestic terrorists:

(Timestamp 40:00 – 41:02)

This is the article she was reporting on, directly from a government website that 60 minutes used in their piece.

Zeee shares:

We are not saying that these coincide, or that our reporting is the reason for my debanking, but it certainly begs the questions:

1. Will banks debank Australians for speaking out against the mainstream narrative?
2. Is this the beginning of the social credit system in Australia?
3. Is the WEF colluding with Australian banks to strip citizens of their income and remove them from the economy if they dare to report on them?
4. Are banks colluding with the Mainstream Media to punish citizens and paint them in the light of domestic terrorists?

Here is Zeee Media’s official report on the matter:

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Author: Joe Hoft