Eric Adams calls for Santos to step down

Eric Adams calls for Santos to step down

NEW YORK — It’s time for Rep. George Santos to go, Mayor Eric Adams said Friday.

Adams, who unlike most Democrats pledged just two weeks ago to work with the pariah Republican congressman as he represents parts of Queens and Long Island, changed his tune during an interview with CBS 2 News.

“I believe personally that he should leave,” Adams said. “I think he should resign. What you see is something that is unimaginable and I think it only gets in the way of what needs to be done in Congress this year.”

Adams has repeatedly called on the federal government to address the migrant crisis, which has stretched city resources with the arrival of over 41,000 asylum seekers since last year.

Earlier this month Adams stopped short of urging Santos to step down, despite calls from the congressman’s own party to resign over false claims he made about his background from his Jewish ancestry to his investment banking career.

“I don’t think my opinion matters here,” Adams said when asked about Santos at a Jan. 12 press conference about the city budget. “We’re not leaving any stone unturned on who we should be sitting down with to make sure New Yorkers get the resources that they need.”

Santos is staring down the barrel of multiple investigations as a new poll showed a majority of New Yorkers want him to resign.

“I think the voters have to make that determination,” Adams said Friday on CBS 2, “but personally, I believe it’s time for him to leave.”

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Author: By Zachary Schermele