Edited Police Body Cam Footage of Harrison Floyd Released After Unidentified FBI Agents Try to Serve Subpoena in Jack Smith Case

Edited Police Body Cam Footage of Harrison Floyd Released After Unidentified FBI Agents Try to Serve Subpoena in Jack Smith Case

Harrison Floyd was among the 19 individuals indicted in Georgia in the racketeering case brought by the politically charged Fulton County District Attorney.  But after Floyd turned himself in on August 24th, 2023, he would become the only one of the 19 who was initially denied bail.

Six months earlier, in February, Floyd was approached at his apartment building by two FBI agents to serve him with a federal grand jury subpoena.  According to Floyd’s attorney, however, the agents never displayed their credentials and audio recordings from the incident will confirm that.  The FBI, for some reason, is not required, as a whole, to wear body cams for accountability.

Yesterday, Politico released edited clips of the body cam footage from the Rockville Police Department in Maryland after Floyd called them once the unidentified men left the apartment complex.  It shows uniformed officers who initially responded just after noon on February 23, followed by detectives who later returned with an arrest warrant shortly after 8 pm.

Politico writes:

The footage shows the aftermath of a heated encounter between Floyd and two FBI agents dispatched by Smith. In the video, a winded, bare-chested Floyd complains to police in Rockville, Maryland, that he has just been accosted by a pair of men who pursued him into his apartment building. One flashed a gun, prompting Floyd — a Marine Corps veteran and mixed martial arts fighter who saw combat in the Iraq War — to consider wrestling it away, Floyd says in the video.

“If he reached up, I probably could have tried to stop the muzzle, but he would have definitely threw my hand,” Floyd tells the officers, who were responding to a 911 call he placed about armed men barging into his building. “But the other one was right next to me. So, if I went for that gun, and he pulled a gun, now I’m fighting two guys with guns, that’s not good. So, I backed up and went away. … I could’ve been killed really fucking easily, if I wasn’t smart.”

The edited body-cam footage posted by Politico does not show Floyd mentioning anything about “wrestling it [the gun] away.”  In fact, the first segment of the video shows a shirtless Floyd stating one of the unidentified men as “going like this (gestures to hip) and he has a pistol in his hand” before the video is edited to the next segment with a now-shirted Floyd saying “I never saw a badge!  I saw a f–king gun though.  I saw a f–king gun.”  The video then edits to another scene where Floyd is talking about de-escalation as he realizes the two men have guns.  Floyd was carrying his 2-year-old daughter in his arms at the time.

In an affidavit from one of the agents, he stated the two agents first went to Floyd’s in-laws looking for him.  They gave the mother-in-law a card, which Floyd said she didn’t know if it was real or not in the body cam recording.

When the agents showed up at Floyd’s apartment after calling him several times on the call-box that transferred to his cell phone, they decided to wait for him after learning he wasn’t home.  After 30 minutes, Floyd returned home and the two men approached Floyd and his daughter.  According to their statement, they held out a subpoena and told him that he had been served.  They claim this can be confirmed on audio recording.

As Floyd walked into the stairwell of his complex, the men claimed Floyd “left the door open enough for [them] to follow him into the stairwell.”

As Floyd was walking into his apartment after telling them, “Bro, I don’t even know who you are,” the two men finally offered credentials, “but Floyd did not turn around and instead opened the door to his apartment then slammed it shut.”

Floyd then came back outside without his daughter and the confrontation that led to the simple assault charges took place.

After the alleged assault, Floyd screamed, “I haven’t seen anything, you haven’t given me anything.  I don’t know who the f— you are.”

The man responded, “Happy to show you credentials, sir.  We’re backing away, we’re leaving.”  The two men then descended down the stairs and exited the building.  At no point during the interaction did the two men ever confirm they properly identified themselves to Floyd.

Floyd was arrested without issue later that evening by Rockville Police detectives after he had initially called the police concerning the interaction with the two unidentified agents.  As Floyd was being handcuffed, he told the detectives, “I’m the one that called and asked for help!  I have my daughter…there’s a camera downstairs!” before the video ends.

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Author: Brian Lupo