Dr. Fauci Says He is Likely Stepping Down in 2024 (VIDEO)

Dr. Fauci Says He is Likely Stepping Down in 2024 (VIDEO)

Dr. Fauci on Wednesday said he will likely step down from his post in 2024 regardless of who wins the White House.

After destroying millions of lives with Covid restrictions, Fauci said he doesn’t foresee that he will still be serving as Chief Medical Advisor to the President and the director of the NIAID in 2024.

“I’m not going to get involved in any politics about who is or is not going in the White House,” Fauci said on Fox News. “By the way, by the time that happens, I think I won’t be around, no matter who the president is.”

Neil Cavuto asked Fauci if he’s done serving in his position.

“No, I’m not done yet, but you’re talking about a few years from now. And I don’t foresee that I will be doing this a few years from now.”

Cavuto pressed Fauci, “So, no matter who is president, whether it’s Joe Biden getting reelected or someone else, Donald Trump or anyone else, you would not continue?”

“That’s exactly correct,” Fauci said. “I have been doing this now for 38 years. It will be over 40 years if I wait that long.”


Dr. Fauci flip-flopped and lied for over a year to the American public about the seriousness of the China Virus and his background funding the Chinese virology lab and the origins of the virus.

Dr. Fauci also lied to the American public about the success of the safe drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) in treating the virus.
Hundreds of thousands of Americans died when HCQ was available but banned by Fauci and the CDC from COVID patients.

Fauci also flip-flopped on mask-wearing several times throughout the pandemic.

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Author: Cristina Laila