Double-Masked Professional Trumpet Player, Teacher Makes ‘How To Play Trumpet With Mask’ Tutorial

Double-Masked Professional Trumpet Player, Teacher Makes ‘How To Play Trumpet With Mask’ Tutorial

Double-Masked Professional Trumpet Player, Teacher Makes ‘How To Play Trumpet With Mask’ Tutorial

A professional New York City trumpet player has made a video tutorial guiding users on how to “stylishly” play the trumpet while wearing two masks.

Jennifer Lloyd, who claims on her Twitter profile to have a Ph.D. in Psychometrics, solicited advice on how to confidently continue wearing masks when most people abandoned wearing them.

“Dispel the myth that all who wear masks always feel confident doing so,” Lloyd tweeted.  “I confess freely: It’s getting harder & harder for me to wear my N95 when few & fewer people are doing the same. I increasingly feel self-conscious.”

Wearing masks when no one else continues to comply is impacting Lloyd’s self-esteem, she noted.

“I just prefer health to illness,” Lloyd wrote. “So I dig deep. Onward.”

Trumpet player Brad Siroky assured Lloyd that he wear a mask while playing the trumpet at Carnegie Hall, “we can all do it at the grocery store.”

“Stay strong & stay healthy,” Siroky tweeted with a photo of himself wearing two mask while sitting in the concert venue holding a trumpet.

According to the Manhattan School of Music, Siroky, an active freelance performer, who has performed with ensembles throughout the New York City including the New York Philharmonic, the Orchestra of St. Luke’s, the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra, the American Symphony Orchestra, as well as on Broadway. Siroky is also an instructor at the Ethical Culture Fieldston School and the Manhattan School of Music Precollege Division.

The Covidian musician is committed to being “safe.”

Siroky posted a tutorial on YouTube instructing musicians how to stop the spread while performing.

“Wearing a high quality face mask is a challenge as a trumpet player,” Siroky wrote in the description of the video tutorial. “Here’s my DIY solution to build a better face mask.”


“Masking as a trumpet player. There are commercially available products for masking. I was not satisfied with any of them. They tend to have really big hole in the front, even when they’re in the closed position the quality of the mask overall, not a super high filtration, generally not a great fit,” Siroky explains in the video. “So, I went with my own solution which was to take a 3m aura N95 cut a slit down the middle that allows the mouth piece to pass through. And then I have a concert black surgical mask  — that I have a pinhole just big enough to pass the mouthpiece through so the rim of the mouthpiece is on the inside of the mask. I leave that attached to the trumpet when I am not playing.”

Siroky proceeds to position himself to play the trumpet while being double masked, but his glasses fog up.

“I won’t lie,” he says. “It is a little cumbersome. I can see why this would not be so popular for young players or older players too. But its the best safest way that I’ve come up with so far.”

Throughout the pandemic, students were instructed to puncture holes into their mask while playing wind instruments at school concerts.

A school band in Washington was even complied with performing in green tents in the name of safety.

But numerous studies confirm wearing masks does nothing to prevent the transmission of COVID-19, aerosols or any respiratory illness.

After examining the correlation between morbidity and mask usage using data collected from 35 European countries over a six-month span throughout the 2020-2021 winter, Associate Professor Beny Spira at the University of  São Paulo found wearing masks not only useless in preventing the transmission of COVID or airborne viruses but discovered a “moderate positive correlation between mask usage and deaths.”

Another Study Confirms Wearing Masks Increases COVID Infection

Another study conducted by the Swiss Policy Research, mask mandates actually contributed to a rise in COVID cases.

NIAID Director Anthony Fauci and Center for Disease Control and Prevention has repeatedly flip flopped on mask efficacy.

CDC First Said Not to Wear Masks, Then to Wear Masks, Then Masks Were Better than Vaccines – Now New Evidence Shows Masks Are Ineffective

In an email dated February of 2020, Dr. Fauci advised a woman not to wear a face mask because they don’t protect against the virus.

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Author: Alicia Powe