Did Zelensky Scam Trudeau With An Elderly Nazi?

Did Zelensky Scam Trudeau With An Elderly Nazi?

Yaroslav Hunka, the 98 year old former member of a Nazi SS Division, detonated a public relations bomb with his Friday appearance before the Canadian Parliament and it is continuing to set off secondary and tertiary explosions. Unbelievable. But this is not just a story about Canada celebrating a Nazi murderer. I think the real story is that Ukraine’s President Zelensky played a direct role in making this happen. Why? Because Ukraine reportedly put out a stamp Monday with Hunka’s elderly mug featured prominently with the accompanying title, “Heroes Don’t Die.” Let that settle in for a minute. Why did Zelensky, a Jew, order the pre-production of a stamp celebrating a retired member of the Waffen SS as a “Hero” before he showed up in Canada? This was pre-planned. I think Zelensky and his team genuinely thought this would be a PR victory. Boy! Instead of Canada embracing the elderly SS trooper and rallying support to send more military aid to Ukraine, the country is in an uproar and starting to ask some tough questions..

If the stamp pictured above is legit, it gives away the game. Someone on Zelensky’s side asked Justin Trudeau and his advisors to invite Hunka to Parliament. Someone on the Canadian side had to ask, “Who is this guy and why should we care?” The gullible and ignorant Trudeau accepted the easily disprovable claim that Hunka was a Ukrainian warrior who fought Russians in WW II. Are Trudeau and his team really this stupid? If you are fighting “Russians” in WW II you are with the Nazis. I would not be surprised to learn that Chrystia Freeland, the granddaughter of another Nazi propagandist, had her hands in this.

The following image captures the true dimensions of this as a public relations debacle. The wild welcome of an ex-SS soldier in the Canadian Parliament has confirmed what Vladimir Putin has been saying all along — there are Nazis in Ukraine and Russia is going to get rid of them.

Besides strengthening Russia’s diplomatic position, the appearance of Hunka has made Ukraine’s relations with Poland even more problematic. Poland already had announced it was cutting off grain imports from Ukraine and would no longer deliver weapons across its border before Hunka showed up with Zelensky in Ottawa. Once that news broke, a Polish government minister announced he would seek Hunka’s extradition for war crimes. This is going to create a problem between Poland and Canada as well.

As a further show of Polish pique at Ukraine, Poland announced that its investigation into the S-300 missile that landed on Polish territory last year on November 15, 2022 (which killed two people) had concluded and that Ukraine was the culprit, not Russia. When you add all of this up it is clear that the growing rift between Poland and Ukraine is not going to be healed anytime soon. Poland may even be rethinking whether it wants to continue to be the country walking point for the NATO quest to beat Russia. We’ll see.

And what about Canada? Most sane countries in the world are chortling over one of the worst cases of political malpractice. Trudeau and the members of Parliament were exposed as ignorant hypocrites, as illustrated in the following meme.


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Author: Larry Johnson