Did You Know That Russia Has Lost In Ukraine?

Did You Know That Russia Has Lost In Ukraine?

Big news day. According to Joe Biden and Antony Blinken — the tweedle dumb and tweedle dumber of the U.S. Government — Russia has lost in Ukraine. They say it is so, so it must be true. Right? This is but one of subjects that Judge Napolitano and I discussed today. Biggest surprise for me? General Milley told the truth for once. Must be getting a serious case of short-timers attitude:

It appears that the “Russia has lost” meme being pushed by Biden and his lackeys is to create an excuse for the United States to declare victory in Ukraine and walk away basking in the knowledge of “Mission Accomplished.” Based on what has transpired over the last 18 months, with the media refusing to ask any tough questions and frantically pushing pro-Ukrainian propaganda, I think the Biden national security team genuinely believes they can put the shine on Ukrainian military debacle by shouting victory over and over. They are firm believers in the power of spin.

But the usually servile U.S. media is starting to show some signs of doing some actual journalism. A CNN reporter ventured to the front lines of a Ukrainian outpost and came back with a pretty somber picture of a faltering Ukrainian counter-offensive:

None of the “rah, rah we’re kicking Russian ass.” The Ukrainian soldier admits that the Russians, “have more guns, more shells and more people.” Quite a contrast with the Biden claim that Russia is losing.

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Author: Larry Johnson