Democrat Rep. Jim Clyburn Says ‘Misinformation Efforts’ Keep Him Up at Night (VIDEO)

Democrat Rep. Jim Clyburn Says ‘Misinformation Efforts’ Keep Him Up at Night (VIDEO)

Democrat Rep. Jim Clyburn, who represents the 6th Congressional district in South Carolina, appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday morning.

Clyburn told CBS’s Robert Costa that his biggest concern that keeps him up at night politically is the free exchange of ideas online.

“What’s your biggest concern? What keeps you up at night politically?” Robert Costa asked Rep. Clyburn.

“Well, the thing that keeps me wide awake is the misinformation efforts that are underway throughout this campaign,” Rep. Clyburn responded.

“Misinformation efforts… I’ve heard so much from people… that seem to feel that everything they see or hear via the internet has some substance to it,” he added.


Of course ‘misinformation’ is just speech that the Democrats don’t agree with. Democrat policies don’t hold up to scrutiny so they have to censor their opposition.

Most of the misinformation being spread online is coming from the Democrat-media complex.

Throughout the four years of Trump’s Presidency, misinformation was the objective of the Democrats and the mainstream press. They were relentless with the Russia Hoax that was proven to be a work of fiction.

During the 2020 election 51 so-called intelligence officials rushed in to defend Hunter Biden and signed a letter claiming the ‘Laptop from Hell’ was ‘Russian disinformation.’

Furthermore, the Biden Regime has fiercely worked to silence American citizens online and The Gateway Pundit’s Jim Hoft is on the front lines fighting the censorship.

The federal government got caught censoring conservatives on Twitter/X, Meta and other social media platforms.

The Missouri v. Biden case involves the question of whether the Biden regime can use federal government resources to overtly censor American citizens, a practice aggressively begun under the COVID lockdowns. The case has revealed a wide array of government agencies and officials engaged in telling social media companies exactly what to censor, whom to ban, and what speech is permissible.

Legal experts describe Missouri v. Biden as the most important case for free speech in at least a decade. This case has attracted significant attention after a US District Court labeled the Biden regime’s actions as “the most massive attack against free speech in United States’ history.”

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Author: David Greyson