Dem Strategists Agree Biden is TOAST in November if He Loses in Michigan

Dem Strategists Agree Biden is TOAST in November if He Loses in Michigan

Some top Democrat strategists are sweating Joe Biden’s chances in Michigan in November, a state they agree is a must-win for Democrats.

Trump won Michigan in 2016 and he can certainly win there again. A recent poll has Trump ahead of Biden in the state by a whopping 15 points.

Biden has multiple problems in Michigan, including people who are angry about his (weak) support for Israel and union workers who are rightly, very concerned about the economy.

Townhall reports:

Dem Strategists Agree That Biden Is Totally Screwed If He Loses This State in 2024

The three states Democrats appear to be moving into the must-win category are Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin—the old blue wall. It was predictable, though what wasn’t on the agenda was how poorly Biden was polling in Michigan. Independents cannot stand him, which even Democrats admit will be a project regarding mounting some turnaround with that demographic.

Ron Brownstein had more about the electoral math facing Biden, and if he loses Michigan, even James Carville is quoted as saying it could be a rough night for a president who no one seems to like, but they’re forced to vote for now.

Townhall point to this piece in the Atlantic:

At this point, former President Donald Trump’s gains have provided him with more plausible alternatives to cross the last mile to 270. Trump’s personal vulnerabilities, Biden’s edge in building a campaign organization, and abortion rights’ prominence in several key swing states could erase that advantage. But for now, Biden looks to have less margin for error than the former president…

Biden’s odds may particularly diminish if he cannot hold all three of the former “blue wall” states across the Rust Belt that he recaptured in 2020 after Trump had taken them four years earlier: Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin…

As James Carville, the veteran Democratic strategist told me, if Biden can recover to win Michigan along with Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, “you are not going to lose.” But, Carville added, if Biden can’t hold all three, “you are going to have to catch an inside straight to win.”

The ‘Blue Wall’ that Democrats depend on every four years is no longer the guarantee that it used to be.

Trump has shown that he can win in these states and it has the Democrats terrified.

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Author: Mike LaChance