DC Draino on The War Room: When You Find Voter Fraud, Do Not Kick Up to the Attorney Generals or FBI. “They Will Suppress It” (VIDEO)

DC Draino on The War Room: When You Find Voter Fraud, Do Not Kick Up to the Attorney Generals or FBI. “They Will Suppress It” (VIDEO)

On Wednesday morning Rogan O’Handley from DC Draino went on The War Room to discuss this explosive investigation from Muskegon, Michigan that was first reported at The Gateway Pundit on Tuesday.

Rogan emphazized the importance of TGP’s latest finding and ties it to the infamous Detroit TCF footage.

DC Draino: Yeah, huge props to Gateway Pundit for putting all these pieces together. So a lot of people might remember that Gateway. They was banned off Twitter for posting the now very viral video of the 03:00 a.m. ballot dumps in the Detroit TCF arena unsupervised by GOP poll workers. It looked like they had hundreds of thousands of ballots. And then we saw the infamous vote spike two to 3 hours later for Joe Biden, and then he ended up squeaking out Michigan. Right? And what’s interesting about this is there’s the white van that you’re seeing on the screen where all the ballots are being dumped. And what precedes the white van is a rental car, right? A rental car with plates that look like they’re from Pennsylvania. Now, there’s been no investigation on this. When Gateway Pundit acquired this video in February 2021, they were banned. Now we find out in this bombshell story from Gateway Pundit that the Michigan law enforcement, led by Attorney General Dana Nessel, has been suppressing a massive voter fraud scandal. What happened is there is this organization called GBI Strategies, right? And they hire these foot soldiers. We saw this in 2000 mules.

They were depositing 8000 voter registrations in a single dump. One person would walk into a city clerk’s office and dump eight to 10,000 ballot registrations.

And where they found this person was in Muskegon, Michigan, which I was like, oh, maybe that’s a major metropolis. Maybe it’s close to Detroit, hundreds of miles away. This has a population of 38,000 people, and a Democrat operative dropped off 8000 ballots, ballot registrations. They went through them. They saw a lot of them had the same handwriting, the same signatures, fake addresses, fake phone numbers. And then when they investigated this in October of 2020, they staked out the warehouse where they were operating out of. And when they did an investigation, they found AR 15s with silencers. They found prepaid cash cards. They found burner phones. They found paperwork for rental cars. And then they checked the trash. And the trash had all the employment agreements of their operatives. They were cleaning it up. And so Jim Hoft has exposed this. The Attorney General was involved with the investigation. She has not said a single thing about a, you know, Democrat Dana Nessel.

And here’s the worst part. The FBI was brought in, and then the whole thing got basically shut down.

That’s the million dollar question. I think what we have realized now is that when you find evidence of voter fraud, do not kick it up to Democrat attorney generals. Do not kick it up to the FBI and the DOJ. They will suppress it. This has to be handled locally. What the Democrats are doing, like in New York City when they’re going after Trump, we have to do the same. Keep it local. Okay? One of the things to tie in with all this, why would they have these prepaid cards? Why would they have these burner phones? Because these jobs were listed publicly. Come make $15 an hour. You’ll reach out to people, get out the vote, and they got a ton of money from Democrat packs. Right. This GBI strategies, which I don’t want to jump on Jim’s story, they just dropped it. What this woman testified to the police is she was getting over $1,100 a week. Right. Do you think she was working 100 hours a week? No. They were given these prepaid cards. It was kept outside of the banks. It was kept outside of the employment agreements. Getting these prepaid cards to do the dirty work, to communicate on the burner phones, to mule this stuff around in the rental cars.

This was an excellent appearance on The War Room.

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