Data Show Just How Ineffective are the COVID-19 Vaccines Around the World

Data Show Just How Ineffective are the COVID-19 Vaccines Around the World

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While the world’s focus has shifted towards Ukraine, inflation, gun control, and abortion (the most dependable of distractions), one little news gremlin is enjoying its time in the shadows: the inefficiency of COVID-19 vaccines. Let’s look at how badly COVID-19 vaccines are doing around the world, shall we?

(All percentages are rounded and represent at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose unless stated otherwise.)

Israel – 72% vaccinated
Israel doesn’t have a high rate of full vaccination (66%), but the country eagerly embraced all proposed boosters: four. Despite all that, Israel experienced the highest COVID-19 death rate on record this year.

Finland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway – 84%, 83%, 81% 79% vaccinated
All Scandinavian countries, except Sweden, recently got obliterated by COVID-19. Finland, Denmark, Iceland and Norway each documented their highest death rates, some beating their records multiple times in the last few weeks.

What is worrisome is how long the waves are lasting. Last year, Denmark’s wave lasted from middle of November till the middle of March. This year it started from the beginning of November and it doesn’t seem to be letting up. This year’s footprint is quite troublesome in all four countries.

Canada – 86% vaccinated
Canada did not beat its record death rate, but the latest wave started a month earlier and has thus far left a similar number of victims than last year. In other words, the vaccines did absolutely nothing…

Japan – 82% vaccinated
Japan recently experienced its worst death rate this year, doubling its all-time record. Masks and isolation didn’t help either.

Australia – 87% vaccinated
COVID-19 is running through Australia like a brushfire. The country recently experienced a death record four times greater than at any other point during the pandemic, and the fire is still raging. Maybe a 100% vaccination rate will help, or mandatory booster shots every time someone wants to step outside?

New Zealand – 84 % vaccinated
Every time I see New Zealand’s numbers I shake my head. What a beautiful country; what an inept government. They recently pulverized their all-time death rate. Maybe they will have more success containing cow farts.

South Korea – 88% vaccinated
Once a shining beacon on how to deal with COVID-19, today South Korea stands at the foot of a monster death spike. It accomplished this with 86.95% of the population fully vaccinated.

Hong Kong – 89%
The chart speaks for itself. Either the vaccines didn’t work, or the lockdowns only postponed the inevitable.

Malta – 92%
Another country that beat its all-time record. Malta even imposed fresh new lockdowns in January while the population was over 90% vaccinated.

Singapore – 92%
Singapore is one of the most vaccinated countries on the planet, and they recently destroyed their all-time COVID-19 death record… twice.

It should be noted that many of those countries did have strict lockdowns while they vaccinated their populations, so one might argue that those who were going to die only postponed their fate. This logic merely justifies the ignored and censored scientists from Harvard, Stanford and Oxford behind The Great Barrington Declaration, who suggested only protecting the most vulnerable.

It is also true that the above numbers are relative, and might not look so scary compared to other countries. But since each country has its own culture and healthcare system, as well as different testing and recordkeeping practices, analyzing a nation’s progress over time offers great insight. With rising vaccination rates, one should not expect record-breaking deaths at this stage.

Additionally, one might look at the low death rate of highly vaccinated countries like Portugal or Spain and claim the vaccines worked. But a high vaccination rate doesn’t guarantee a low death rate; the above stats undeniably prove it. At the very least we can surmise that the world implemented a completely ineffective strategy whose success or failure is dependent on variables other than the COVID-19 vaccines.

Finally, we have to ask ourselves: since the vaccines failed so miserably, why are the media not shining a light on it? Why is this gremlin kept in the dark? Is it because our news acted like PR agencies? Remember that when the next big thing comes around.

Guest post by Sebastian Stefanov


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