Creepy Sex Toy CEO Has Been Funding Child Sex Change Clinic Since 2018

Creepy Sex Toy CEO Has Been Funding Child Sex Change Clinic Since 2018

A sex toy company CEO has funded a pediatric sex change clinic since 2018.

Pure Romance CEO Chris Cicchinelli founded the “Living with Change Foundation” and began funding the clinic after his then-eight-year-old son began “identifying” as a girl.

Cicchinelli donated $2 million to expand Cincinnati Children’s Hospital’s Transgender Clinic, which helped them to triple their staff and greatly expand.

“Prior to Cicchinelli’s $2 million donation, the clinic only had one nurse, one doctor and one social worker; it has since tripled its staff, been renamed the Living with Change Center (LWCC) and is now a massive operation which boasts of serving more than 800 children and young adults this year alone on its website,” the Daily Caller reports.

The report continues, “Cicchinelli allowed his son to begin wearing girls’ clothes when he was 8 years old after he expressed that he was a girl and did not want to wear boys’ clothes, and he was a patient at the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital’s Transgender Clinic by age 10, according to WCPO. The child now uses a female name and pronouns, and Cicchinelli and his wife believe transitioning is responsible for their child’s improved mood and sense of well-being.”

In 2018, local station WCPO reported, “Living with Change will partner with Cincinnati Public Schools to train principals and teachers and eventually bring education about transgender youth into classrooms. The foundation is starting with 56 principals.”

The Daily Caller reached out to the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital to inquire about what sex change services are offered for minors, but they declined to reveal that information.

“At Cincinnati Children’s, we believe all transgender and gender diverse young people should have access to comprehensive, developmentally appropriate, gender-affirming medical care provided in a safe and inclusive environment,” a spokesperson for the hospital said in a statement to the outlet.

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Author: Cassandra MacDonald