Concerned Father Who Gave Heartfelt Speech at School Board Meeting Lost Job After Radical Progressive Activists Began Attacking and Harassing Him – Please Help (VIDEO)

Concerned Father Who Gave Heartfelt Speech at School Board Meeting Lost Job After Radical Progressive Activists Began Attacking and Harassing Him – Please Help (VIDEO)

A concerned father, who recently spoke at a school board meeting, was fired from his job after radical progressive activists began harassing him and calling him at work, making false claims, and “defaming him to an obscene level.”

“Recently, I spoke at the Sarasota School Board Hearing of Citizens to express my concerns over an issue that has been plaguing my son’s life,” Jason Brunt told The Gateway Pundit.

Mr. Brunt shared that his son was bullied by a group of students who all identified as LGBTQ+ and their allies. They bullied him for not wearing rainbow colors in an effort to support a trend that was popular on TikTok, that they were trying to pull a gay Pride stunt in the school.

Mr. Brunt asked his son to report this to his teachers and counselors, but his son said, “Dad, I can’t. They’re all against me. The teachers and counselors have rainbow stickers anywhere. No matter what I do, I’m going to be in trouble because they’re gay and I’m straight and they could do whatever they want, and I will always be wrong.”

“He has been bullied by students who identified as LGBTQ+, and, as a parent, it is heart-wrenching to see him go through this in a system that was supposed to be designed for inclusion, and fair treatment for all children,” said Brunt.

At the school meeting, Mr. Brunt advocated for straight spaces for straight children “for every child to feel like they’re safe.”

“During the hearing, I gave a heartfelt speech, hoping to bring attention to the struggles that the modern marginalized communities are currently suffering. I shared my story, hoping that it would help others understand the difficulties that our children face in today’s society. To my surprise, my speech was received so well by the overall community that another parent made a TikTok video of my segment of the hearing. It went viral with over 120k views and 1k shares in less than 12 hours,” he said.

Watch his heartfelt speech below:

Mr. Brunt said that the attention he received turned into a living nightmare after radical progressive activists started harassing him and threatening his family, including homosexual acts toward his children. They even called his workplace with false accusations, which resulted in his immediate termination.

“However, the attention soon turned into a nightmare. Radical progressive activists began attacking me personally, sending me hate mail and threats. The situation only escalated when I began receiving phone calls at my job, making false allegations and defaming me to an obscene level. To my utter dismay, my employer decided to fire me effective immediately, citing the video as a reason for making people feel unsafe at work. It was devastating to lose a job I had worked so hard to obtain and succeed in,” Mr. Brunt said.

“As an HR professional, I am understanding and supportive of all people to express themselves as they see fit. However, it seems that today, if you disagree with the progressive ideology, you will be canceled and criminalized. It is not right that merely asking for equality and safe spaces for children like mine, I faced an all-out assault on my personal life,” he added.

If you want to help Mr. Brunt, Click here.

Brunt wanted to share his story and “bring awareness to the growing issue of cancel culture and discrimination,” adding, “we need to have a conversation about these issues and find a way to move forward in a positive direction.”

You can read the rest of his story below:

About an hour after I finished giving my speech, my brother, who is also part of our group Florida Straights, received messages from his former employer claiming that he started an anti-homosexual hate group. Then I began to receive phone calls saying that “they” were coming for me, that our addresses were online, that they knew where we lived, that we better watch our backs, and that they wished the vilest stuff imaginable on our sons.

At this point, I had not even gotten home from the school board yet. My brother also received a phone call at around 8PM that evening from an employer he was supposed to begin working for the upcoming Thursday, asking him about his affiliation with a hate group (How they knew he was starting a job that he only told family about, blew our minds).

So, at that point, I knew my job was being targeted as well, as I was the one who was speaking. I called my Director of Operations and spoke with her, informing her that I had spoken at the school board and some parents had been making angry phone calls in response. She asserted that what I do in my private time was not the company’s concern, and not to worry.

I was the Director of Human Resources for several companies, including Grande Aire Services and Haines AC/Refrigeration. I also frequently consulted for several other companies in the United Air Temp enterprise. My job, for which I had recently received a salary increase and great reviews from everyone, including the VP of HR and Company President, progressed as usual on the following day after the school board meeting on Wednesday, May 3rd.

However, around 3:30 PM, our Director of Operations and VP of HR for United Air Temp came into my office and informed me that due to the response from the video of me online and the fact that we have employees who identify as LGBTQ+, it could create an unsafe work environment for me to continue my employment. I was terminated effective immediately and had to return on the weekend to retrieve my belongings so as not to cause a disruption. I was not offered any severance, nor was I offered an opportunity to request any investigation. TikTok, done.

That evening, we began getting harassed on our social media pages and through messages. Many of the messages were obscene and vulgar, including many threatening homosexual acts on myself or my children. My brother receives calls daily calling him a racist, homophobe, etc. One of the groups attacking us is run by a girl named Beth Weinstein, who runs an organization called Indivisible Pro-Choice Pinnellas.

However, there are several Sarasota Activist Groups that frequently go to the school boards and try to cancel those who don’t fall in line with their agenda, that are equally involved but most hide their numbers or use fake email addresses. I find it frightening that these are also the folks effectively lobbying our local and state legislators under the guise of ‘love and inclusion’. This is the most hate I have seen in my entire life, and it’s after a 3-minute speech asking for everyone to be included which I thought was what all these groups supported in the first place.

If you want to help Mr. Brunt, Click here.

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