Bragg’s Case Against President Trump is Total BS Because Its Accounting Premises are Moronic

Bragg’s Case Against President Trump is Total BS Because Its Accounting Premises are Moronic

Trump attends court in New York City on completely made up charges by corrupt DA Alvin Bragg.

Guest post by Joe Hoft

The case against President Trump in New York is based on false premises that prove that the prosecutors have no idea how accounting works. 

At one point in my corporate career, I oversaw the financial reporting on multimillion and billion-dollar blocks of business for a US Fortune 500 corporation.  I was able to do this in part because of my education and designations (including an MBA, CPA, etc…) and thanks to my experience in the industry.

When I look over the case against President Trump coming out of New York I am appalled that it ever made it to the courtroom.  

The Bragg case is based on accounting activities that the state of New York says are crimes.  As you will see below, these activities are not crimes and they don’t even make sense.

Corrupt Soros-backed DA in Manhattan, Alvin Bragg, and the Trump-hating gang of former Obama White House and Biden DOJ members, dropped a BS indictment against President Trump in April 2023.

Below is the indictment:

Donald J. Trump Indictment by Jim Hoft


1. The indictment is BS for many reasons but one of the major reasons surrounds the timing of the activities claimed to be crimes in the indictment.

The activities for which President Trump is charged all occurred after President Trump handed his multi-billion dollar organization over to the control of his sons.

President Trump Shares Joe Hoft Article on Truth Social – The Timing of Events in Soros-Backed DA Bragg Indictment of President Trump Invalidates the Entire Case

President Trump was not running his companies at the time of these events.  He had handed over control of these operations to his sons.

2. None of these activities are crimes in the first place which is why Bragg never lists any crimes.

What a crock.

The idea that President Trump, the head of a multi-billion dollar entity had anything to do with the accounting entries in his organization is lunacy.  He never did and never will have anything to do with accounting entries in his organization.  That’s what accountants are for.

President Trump is not an accountant and the Soros-backed and Obama/Biden-connected attorneys behind this case are not objective and fair-minded prosecutors and they certainly aren’t accountants either.

The indictment doesn’t even say what the crimes are because there are none.  (Note that Twitter will not allow me to embed this tweet).

3. Even if President Trump was running his companies at the time that these accounting entries were reportedly performed, he almost certainly had nothing to do with them in the first place.

I base this on my own experience overseeing the financial reporting for a billion-dollar block of business.  I never discussed any accounting entries with the company’s CEO.  For that matter, I discussed results but never discussed accounting entries with our corporate CFO either.  As a matter of fact, I never made entries into the ledger myself.  I had hundreds of individuals around the globe who made these entries.

My bet is that President Trump never “made and caused a false entry” into the books of his company because he never made an entry in the books of his company.  He, like me and the CEO of the Fortune 500 company I worked for, never made accounting entries.  You can bet that President Trump never made an accounting entry in his life.

This case is lunacy.

4. The accounting entries were made years ago and the statute of limitations ended years ago.

With Hunter Biden, the DOJ waited until the statute of limitations passed before addressing his tax crimes.  With President Trump, Soros-backed Bragg, ignores the statute of limitations which passed four years ago, and makes up crimes out of thin air.

5. Bragg claims that the 2017 activities somehow impacted the 2016 election. 

Will just let this statement sit until Bragg shows how future events have ever impacted current events.

6.  No auditors would ever identify or make the claims made by Bragg – not on a billion-dollar business – these entries are so small they would likely never be found or addressed by an auditor.

If these were issues then management would make adjustments but these adjustments would not impact taxes or income since they were reported in the wrong bucket and likely didn’t impact the bottom line.  Adjustments happen all the time.  They are not crimes.

7. No auditor in 2022 would go back to 2017 and locate $100,000 in entries in a billion-dollar business. 

Auditors rely on prior years’ work in the current year.  I have never heard of an auditor going back five years when performing an audit.  Never.  There simply is not enough time.  And again, if they did, any issues would be posted as adjusting entries.  There are not crimes.

8. It is likely that no one in history has ever been charged with a felony for receiving an invoice from a vendor.

The “felonies” listed in Bragg’s case are related to 11 payments allegedly made to crooked Michael Cohen – 11 invoices, 12 vouchers, 11 checks or wires.

Invoices are received from vendors – not made by anyone in Trump org – Trump has no control over these.  Charging President Trump with a felony for receiving an invoice is like charging any American a felony for receiving a letter in the mail.

An invoice is sent from a vendor.  The vendor controls when it is sent.  President Trump did not commit a felony when he received these invoices or any invoices from any vendors he does business with.  They are clearly Trumped-up charges.

9. President Trump didn’t commit a felony when one of his many accountants made an entry in his books. 

Entries are made every day in the US by accountants in businesses of various sizes.  These are not crimes.  They can be addressed if they are made in error.  How can Bragg prove that President Trump intended to commit fraud on each one of these events?

10. President Trump has a multibillion-dollar business.  The likelihood of him knowing about these entries and desiring to commit fraud is nil. 

This entire case is BS.

The real criminals are the many individuals working in collusion to destroy this country and President Trump.

These people after President Trump are involved in a conspiracy to overthrow our nation and interfere in the last and the next election. 

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