Border Agents Stormed School and Killed Gunman After Local Police Told them to Wait

Border Agents Stormed School and Killed Gunman After Local Police Told them to Wait

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New details emerged on the border agents who killed the mass murderer inside Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas.

Border Patrol agents arrived far earlier than previously reported. CPB BORTAC SWAT team was investigating stash houses on the border to the west of Uvalde and agents not in the SWAT team also rushed to the school, according to a report from Texas Monthly. They arrived at Robb Elementary School around 12:15 pm.

According to multiple reports, the agents did not coordinate with the Uvalde Police Department due to their poor response. They acted on their own initiative after local police told them to wait. Around 12:50 pm, they breached the door and engaged the Uvalde school shooter.

This is an outrageous new detail that has just been released tonight, 3 days after the shooting.

Earlier today, Texas Governor Abbott told reporters that he was ‘misled‘ about the Uvalde shooting police response.

“I was misled,” Abbott said at a press conference on Friday. “I am livid about what happened.”

Now it is being reported that border agents became frustrated with the slow response from the local police.

They were told by the local police to wait and not enter the school. After an hour, they ignored the initial order and found the shooter, according to NBC News.

Federal agents who went to Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, on Tuesday to confront a gunman who killed 19 children were told by local police to wait and not enter the school — and then decided after about half an hour to ignore that initial guidance and find the shooter, say two senior federal law enforcement officials.

According to the officials, agents from BORTAC, the Customs and Border Protection tactical unit, and ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) arrived on the scene between noon and 12:15 p.m. on Tuesday. Local law enforcement asked them to wait, and then instructed HSI agents to help pull children out of the windows.

The BORTAC team, armed with tactical gear, at first did not move toward the gunman. After approximately 30 minutes passed, however, the federal agents opted of their own volition to lead the “stack” of officers inside the school and take down the shooter.

Four were part of the “stack” that went in after the shooter. One BORTAC member held a shield. Two BORTAC members and one BORSTAR member engaged the shooter.

A photo obtained by Bill Melugin of Fox News showed that the border patrol agent who killed Salvador Ramos was also grazed in the head by the bullet.

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Author: Jim Hoft