Biden’s Humiliation: Pentagon Confirms Iran-Backed Houthi’s Shot Down US Reaper Drone Near Yemen

Biden’s Humiliation: Pentagon Confirms Iran-Backed Houthi’s Shot Down US Reaper Drone Near Yemen

Iran-backed Houthi’s in Yemen shot down a U.S. Reaper drone near Yemen on Wednesday. A statement by the Houthis was released Wednesday morning D.C. time with alleged video of the shootdown posted in the afternoon D.C. time. Soon after the video was posted a Pentagon spokesman confirmed to reporters that a drone had been shot down over international waters off Yemen. The attack comes after Iranian proxies have attacked U.S. troops in Iraq and Syria dozens of times since the October 7 Hamas terrorist attack on Israel. The Biden administration has so far responded with just a pin prick strike on two IRGC weapons depots in Syria.

Screen image from Houthi video purportedly showing impact of missile on U.S. Reaper drone, November 8, 2023.

The Houthi’s declared war on Israel last week. Two weeks ago the U.S. Navy shot down several missiles and drones fired by Houthis targeting Israel. Last week Israel shot down a Houthi ballistic missile in space that was headed toward Israel.

Translated Houthi statement:

Statement issued by the Yemeni Armed Forces
In the name of God, the most gracious, the most merciful

With the help of God Almighty, our air defenses were able to shoot down an American MQ9 aircraft while it was carrying out hostile, monitoring and spying activities in the airspace of Yemeni territorial waters and within the framework of American military support for the Israeli entity…It was shot down, with God’s help, with the appropriate weapons. The Yemeni Armed Forces affirm their legitimate right to defend the country and confront all hostile threats. Hostile movements will not deter the Yemeni armed forces from continuing to carry out military operations against the Israeli entity in support of the oppression of the Palestinian people…The victory comes only from God
Sanaa 24 Rabi’ al-Akhir 1445 AH
Corresponding to November 8, 2023 AD
Issued by the Yemeni Armed Forces


Translated video:

Pentagon statement released to reporters, “We can confirm that a U.S. military MQ-9 remotely-piloted aircraft was shot down while in international airspace over international waters off the coast of Yemen. U.S. Central Command officials are assessing the incident.”

Also on Wednesday, U.S. Central Command posted a photo of a B-1 Lancer on patrol in CENTCOM’s Middle East theater of operations, “On November 8, 2023, and for the second time in three days, a U.S. B-1 Lancer conducted a mission over the U.S. Central Command area of responsibility. U.S. F-16s escorted the bomber.”

Last week CENTCOM posted a photo of a nuclear submarine entering it’s Middle East theater:

Apparently, no one in the Middle East takes Joe Biden seriously when he says, “Don’t,” in an effort to deter attacks on the U.S. by Iran and it’s proxies.

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Author: Kristinn Taylor