Biden’s Dog Commander Caught on Film Biting White House Staffer: Report

Biden’s Dog Commander Caught on Film Biting White House Staffer: Report

Days after Politico reported (with a joke of a headline, “Commander’s taste buds”) that White House staffers were saying Joe Biden’s German Shepherd dog Commander only bites Secret Service agents but is warm and cuddly with staff, the Daily Mail reported Wednesday that a tourist filmed Commander biting a staffer in September.

The tourist photographed two-year-old Commander biting White House grounds superintendent Dale Haney, 71, on the arm on September 13 while Haney was playing with him. Nearly two weeks later, CNN reported Commander had again attacked a Secret Service agent.

Commander is known to have bitten eleven Secret Service agents since Joe and Jill Biden brought him in to the White House in December 2021 to replace their previous German Shepherd, Major, who was sent away after repeatedly attacking and biting Secret Service agents. One of the agents Commander attacked had to be treated at a hospital. A third Biden German Shepherd, Champ, died in June 2021 and did not have a record of biting while at the White House.

Much of what is known about the Bidens’ dogs attacking agents is thanks to Judicial Watch.

White House photo of Joe Biden and Commander on the White House grounds. Hopefully Joe was siccing Commander on a squirrel and not a Secret Service agent:

On Monday the Daily Mail reported White House staffers saying the stern looks of Secret Service agents provoked Commander’s attacks on them.

Wednesday, the Daily Mail reported a tourist captured Commander biting a staffer:

It goes without saying that if President Trump had two dogs in succession who repeatedly attacked Secret Service agents and staff that it would be grounds for impeachment by Democrats and around the clock reporting on MSNBC.

A serious question is, why the unions representing federal employees have not filed a workplace safety complaint with OSHA? Another is what the D.C. government is doing about this vicious dog.

The problem is obviously with the owners. Dogs take cues from their masters’ behavior. Any hostility to Secret Service agents by Joe and Jill Biden would be picked up by Commander (and Major). Perhaps the Biden harbor hostility to agents because they know Secret Service agents can be compelled to testify against them in criminal and/or impeachment proceedings thanks to a precedent set in the Clinton-Lewinsky investigation in the 1990s.

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Author: Kristinn Taylor