Biden Tells ‘My Son Beau Killed in Iraq’ Lie to Israeli Doctor (Video)

Biden Tells ‘My Son Beau Killed in Iraq’ Lie to Israeli Doctor (Video)

While in Israel on Wednesday, Joe Biden met with families, first responders and other medical staff affected by the October 7 Hamas terrorist attack on Israel.

One doctor, who said she emigrated to Israel from New York eight years ago, told Biden how she and Israelis treat Palestinian patients the same as they treat Israelis.

Biden responded by telling her the ‘my son Beau was killed in Iraq’ lie. Biden followed up by leaning in and wagging his finger in the doctor’s face and lecturing her on the importance of nurses.

Joe Biden speaks with a nurse in Israel, screen image via WFAA/CNN/YouTube, October 18, 2023.

Biden started by mentioning the true account of his first wife Neilia and daughter Naomi being killed, and his two sons Beau and Hunter seriously injured, in a car crash that took place in 1972. But Biden then falsely told the nurse his son Beau had been killed in Iraq.

Army veteran Beau Biden died from brain cancer in 2015 at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland. Joe Biden blames his son’s cancer on his service in Iraq, but repeatedly makes the false claim that Beau was killed in Iraq.

Biden’s voice was weak, as it has been recently.

“I wish there was something I could tell you. My uh, I got a phone call saying my wife and daughter were dead. My two boys were (unintelligible). I got a phone call my son in Iraq, killed.

“I understand about loss. Guess what? A physician makes a gigantic difference. You know who else does? Nurses, nurses. Thank you for what you do. (Unintelligible). I feel just, God love you.”

Transcribed by TGP.

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Author: Kristinn Taylor