Belarus Takes a Stern Step: Pedophiles to Undergo Chemical Castration

Belarus Takes a Stern Step: Pedophiles to Undergo Chemical Castration

Belarus is set to revise the nation’s criminal code to impose chemical castration on convicted pedophiles.

Chemical castration involves administering medication to patients, effectively reducing their sexual desire either permanently or for an extended period. This method is already in place in several countries, including some US states, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Norway, and Sweden, indicating a global trend in employing this form of treatment.

The Belarusian government has reportedly greenlit this measure in an effort to combat child sexual abuse and exploitation more aggressively. This development marks a significant milestone in the nation’s commitment to child protection.

The General Prosecutor’s Office of Belarus disclosed the impending measures, revealing that chemical castration is to be incorporated into the treatment program for pedophiles. The announcement, made via Telegram, comes in the wake of the government’s approval, signaling a decisive and controversial step in the nation’s approach to dealing with convicted pedophiles, RT reported.

The outlet added:

Amendments to the country’s criminal code were prepared by the interior ministry envisaging “compulsory treatment of persons suffering from pedophilia,” in addition to their court sentence, the statement read.

As part of the action plan, the Health Ministry developed and approved “a clinical protocol containing an algorithm for the treatment of pedophilia, including the use of chemical castration,” the agency explained. A mechanism for the rehabilitation of victims of sexual abuse has also been prepared, it added.

The Ministry also stressed that Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko supported strengthening control over persons, who were previously convicted on pedophilia charges, including the use of electronic bracelets.

According to the agency, its efforts towards “establishing administrative responsibility for promoting non-traditional sexual relations, gender transitioning, pedophilia and childfree ideology” also had the backing of the head of state.

The urgency of implementing such measures is underscored by the alarming statistics from the Belarusian Prosecutor-General’s Office. Over the past five years, more than 3,500 children have fallen prey to crimes against their sexual integrity. These figures paint a grim picture of the extent of child sexual abuse in the country, necessitating stringent measures.

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Author: Jim Hoft