Attorney Robert Barnes Shreds The Trump Indictments With The Duran

Attorney Robert Barnes Shreds The Trump Indictments With The Duran

If you are searching for someone who can simply and clearly describe the corrupt lawfare attack on President Trump, look no further. I give you, Robert Barnes. Barnes is a terrific, articulate and damn smart attorney. He also sports a pair of big brass ones, which means he is not afraid to take on the establishment. Barnes was directly involved in President Trump’s attempts to challenge the stolen election in Georgia. Remember, Biden allegedly won by less than 12,000 votes.

Barnes appeared today on The Duran podcast, which is hosted by Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris — two intelligent Greek guys who don’t live in Greece. Barnes provides a tour de force that is must see podcast (can there be such a thing?). Especially for members of your family who insist you provide some evidence to prove there was election fraud.

Here are the key time stamps for relevant descriptions of the evidence. But the entire two hour podcast is worth your time:

30:45 — There were more grounds for Trump to contest the 2020 election than any election in American history.

31:28 — Contrary to the media meme that the U.S. courts rejected 60 law suits contesting the 2020 election, Barnes correctly notes that Trump filed only one in Georgia and this was dismissed on procedural grounds after January 6 without ever addressing the underlying facts in the case.

32:31 — The allegations of voter fraud were verified.

36:58 — More than 100,000 fraudulent, illegal ballots allowed to be counted.

38:06 — More than 100,000 mail in ballots where the signatures did not match (which renders the ballot illegal under Georgia law).

39:33 — Ballots not counted correctly according to the governing law.

Gateway Pundit has been the leading voice on the internet documenting the evidence from Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Arizona and Georgia that points to a stolen election. The attempts by Jack Smith, the Special Prosecutor, and the George State attorney to criminalize the First Amendment in charging Trump ultimately will fail. What is unknown is the depth and scale of the damage that will be inflicted on the American Republic until this egregious attack on the Constitution is quashed.

In the meantime, enjoy Barnes with the boys of The Duran (this ain’t opinion, this is news.)


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Author: Larry Johnson