Attention Hill staff: New guidance warns of campus impact and furloughs in a possible shutdown.

Attention Hill staff: New guidance warns of campus impact and furloughs in a possible shutdown.

Leaders of House offices got their warning Wednesday about what a government shutdown would mean for them if Congress cannot find a way to fund the government by this weekend.

The release of what is essentially a shutdown handbook is seen by many Hill staff as a tacit acknowledgement by House Republicans that a shutdown is highly likely less than four days before funds run out.

Inside the document: Democratic chiefs received the 23-page guidance document titled “Legislative Operations During a Lapse in Appropriations,” issued by the House Administration Chair Bryan Steil, during a Wednesday evening briefing. House Republican chiefs of staff will receive a briefing Thursday.

Read the full document.

The guidance from Republicans on the House Administration panel alerted them that employees not deemed “essential” by their office or committee will be furloughed and could miss paychecks depending on how long the shutdown lasts.

The list of activities deemed essential by Steil and the House Administration panel are much broader than guidance issued by the House GOP in 2013, signaling that many more Hill staff may be expected to keep working.

Impeachment lives on: The document specifically says that “impeachments” are included in members’ constitutional duties and instructs House offices to retain the employees essential to performing tasks related to impeachment.

Individual members and committee chairs will decide which staffers are classified as “essential” and will keep working during the shutdown and which staffers get sent home. All will see backpay, eventually.

Furloughed employees will still get health and life insurance benefits. Furloughed employees are still employed and cannot collect unemployment benefits.

Unlike previous shutdowns, Hill staff are now guaranteed retroactive payment once the shutdown concludes. But contractors on the Hill, including food service workers and contracted security, would not receive back pay.

Interns, go home: Interns, paid and unpaid, are determined by the House “not to be part of core constitutional duties” and will be furloughed.

Shutdown sweat: The House staff gym will be closed. The members’ gym will be open, “ but will not be staffed or cleaned.”

Daniella Diaz and Sarah Ferris contributed to this report.

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