Attendance at Disney World Sinks in 2023 – CEO and Liberal Media Make Excuses for Theme Park’s Falling Attendance (VIDEO)

Attendance at Disney World Sinks in 2023 – CEO and Liberal Media Make Excuses for Theme Park’s Falling Attendance (VIDEO)

A report from the Wall Street Journal on Monday revealed that attendance at Disney World, the so-called “happiest place on Earth, has crumbled in recent weeks. Park visitors did not have to wait as long to get on rides at the theme park thanks to the shrinking crowds.

One analyst called the collapse unfathomable.

The Journal reported:

Park visitors in recent weeks have had significantly lower wait times to get on rides, according to data from Touring Plans, a company that tracks wait times at major amusement parks, including Disney World and Disneyland in California. Industry analysts say shorter wait times generally correlate with smaller crowds.

The average posted wait time at the Magic Kingdom park in Florida — which has a special fireworks display on July 4 — was 27 minutes this year for the holiday, down from 31 minutes in 2022 and 47 minutes in 2019, the Touring Plans analysis shows.

“It’s something that nobody would have predicted — just unfathomable,” says Len Testa, a computer scientist who runs Touring Plans.

The Journal notes that this marks a ten-year low in terms of attendance on July 4th. Conservative radio host Clay Travis suggests that Disney is receiving the Bud Light treatment.


The below photos show dwindling crowds at the theme park recently.


Credit: Credit: @stuckinneverlandco

One visitor also shared video of an empty Disney’s Hollywood Studios over the Fourth of July weekend and included wait time screenshots.



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CNN reported that Kayla Pareti, a content creator, visited Disney’s Hollywood Studios the first weekend of July and was shocked by how few people she saw in the park. She said it was like no one was there.


>It was a Saturday before Fourth of July, which is a major holiday. You’re expecting a lot of crowds, and it was just crazy that nobody was there


According to Thrill data, the lower attendance on July 4th is not a phenomenon. Disney’s Florida parks have consistently experienced shorter-than-average wait times for rides and attractions compared to last year since February.

The corporate media tried in vain to make excuses for Disney World’s slump. This included CNN claiming Thursday that it’s simply too hot in Florida, as if this is a new phenomenon.

The reasons behind the slowdown are hard to pin down, but travel experts point to extreme weather and heat in Florida, a waning post-pandemic travel boom and a tense political climate in Florida that has prompted travel warnings from some groups.

Far-left Disney CEO Bob Iger told CNBC the collapse in attendance was to be expected. He argued that previous numbers were inflated due to Florida being one of the first states to open up during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Florida opened up early during Covid and created huge demand, and didn’t have competition because there were a number of other places, states, that were not open yet.

If you look at the numbers in Florida in 2023 versus 2022, where not as much was open and Florida was the only game in town, there is a lot more competition today.

Of course, he conveniently forgot to mention Disney’s role in opposing Florida’s Parental Rights in Education bill, which protected woke school teachers from indoctrinating grade school children in the radical left’s gender identity politics during classroom discussions. Disney’s opposition to this commonsense legislation completely alienated conservatives nationwide.

That decision, along with the company’s woke messaging in their films and cartoons, could be a part of the company’s woes.

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