Army Goes After Elite Warriors- Plans to Cut Special Operation Forces by Nearly 3,000

Army Goes After Elite Warriors- Plans to Cut Special Operation Forces by Nearly 3,000

Army Goes After Elite Warriors- Plans to Cut Special Operation Forces by Nearly 3,000

The U.S. Army is set to make major reductions to its special operations forces, and going after the Army’s elite warriors is no accident.

In an ever increasing effort by the Biden Administration to inject the U.S. military with as much woke propaganda as possible, special forces units remain among the few areas the woke warriors have failed to gain traction.

Transgender Major Rachel Jones (Source: U.S. Army)

The Wall Street Journal reports that the Army plans to cut back roughly 3,000 troops, or almost almost 10%, from its special operation forces units.

The service plans to brief Capitol Hill in the coming days on the reductions. Mostly, the Army plans to cut special-operations troops in supporting roles such as psychological warfare, civil affairs, intelligence operators, communications troops, logistics and other so-called enablers, U.S. military officials said. The cuts would follow the reallocation last year of more than 700 special-operations troops from the Army and other services. In sum, the cuts to the Pentagon’s umbrella Special Operations Command would amount to about 3,700 troops since last year.

The reductions have been fought hard from within the special-operations community, but they are expected to happen, U.S. officials said. The final documents have yet to be signed by Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, officials said.

According to the Journal, the cutbacks would allow the Army to rebalance toward a large conventional ground force, which would be needed for any potential fight in Asia.

On Thursday, U.S. Congressman Mike Waltz (FL-6), a retired U.S. Army Green Beret and Chairman of the Subcommittee on Readiness, released the following statement:

“I am stunned and appalled by reports indicating the U.S. Army will cut 3,000 troops from its special operations ranks as a means to manage their worst recruiting crisis since the Vietnam War. The Secretary of the Army is trying to claim she’s only cutting support troops like intelligence analysts, psychological operations troops, and logistics personnel. In reality, these support troops are critical to our special operators success in remote locations in 60-70 countries on any given day all over the world.

“Special operators play a crucial role in training allies across the world and are needed for the most dangerous missions in times of conflict and to deter enemies. Special operations are more relevant than ever as we address threats from China, Russia, Iran, and terrorists on the march in in Afghanistan. The Biden Administration is once again dismissing the advice of senior military leaders, crippling our military at home. Rather than investing in expensive climate and DEI initiatives, the Army should focus on putting our soldiers in the best position to win the next war.”

The Army will brief congressional lawmakers in the coming days on the cutbacks.

The Gateway Pundit has reported extensively on efforts to destroy the military from within with woke policies.

The Center for Military Readiness shared efforts to completely de-masculate our warfighters by providing examples of how the Pentagon has quietly expanded woke transgender policies in the military.

Army General Mark Milley, former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, defended CRT in front of Congress citing “white rage.”

report from the U.S. Navy showed that there is an “Insufficient leadership focus on warfighting” along with an “Expanding culture of micromanagement” and “Corrosive over-responsiveness to media culture.”

It is unfortunate that the military’s strategic imperative of defending the United States has taken a backseat to wokeism.

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Author: Margaret Flavin