Arizona Democrats Attempt and Fail To EXPEL Senator Wendy Rogers From Senate For Social Media Post about FBI Following Buffalo Shooting

Arizona Democrats Attempt and Fail To EXPEL Senator Wendy Rogers From Senate For Social Media Post about FBI Following Buffalo Shooting

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MAGA Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers is under fire from Democrats and RINOs for a benign cryptic telegram message about the Buffalo shooting and the FBI’s incompetence in preventing the incident.

The radical leftists in the Arizona Senate have even tried to EXPEL Rogers from the Senate in another political witchhunt against a Trump-endorsed candidate.

The fake news and the left have already singled out and blamed “Ultra-Maga” conservatives for this horrific attack. A recent article by Rolling Stone claims this leftist psychopath, who wrote a manifesto before killing ten people, is a “mainstream Republican.”

The Gateway Pundit previously reported on some of the disgusting accusations against Fox News host Tucker Carlson for his past political commentary, where he truly denounces violence.

Buffalo Mass Murderer’s Manifesto Disproves Carlson Responsibility

Where was the FBI when we needed them?  Why weren’t they investigating the shooter’s previous threats of violent attack against his school? They didn’t stop him from buying a weapon afterward. Were they taking a summer vacation already?

They were probably too busy investigating everyday law-abiding conservatives or parents who attended school board meetings. 

“Fed boy summer has started in Buffalo,” Wendy posted on Telegram.

It’s not even clear what Senator Rogers meant by her post but the left went after her anyway.

After this post, the triggered leftists voted to open an ethics investigation into Rogers’ remarks. They are weaponizing their vote to silence conservatives once again.

The Democrats also attempted but failed, to expel Wendy Rogers from the Arizona Senate. Even some who oppose Rogers think this is bullsh*t.

Last Monday, Senator Rogers released a statement calling out the Democrats for their abuse of power and failed attempt to expel her.

Rogers: In a 24 to 3 vote today, the Arizona State Senate passed a motion to launch an ethics investigation regarding a comment I made on social media. That motion only came after Senate Democrat Leadership revealed minutes before floor proceedings were to begin, that they were going to vote to expel me from office. Their motion to expel would have come without any sort of investigation or due process.

Sadly, my comment was taken completely out of context and became a false narrative that’s now the focal point of a firestorm created by certain race-obsessed members of the media. Unfortunately, our Democrat members of the Senate are now turning this issue into a political tool and are continuing to perpetuate this erroneous message in an effort to foment division within our party.

Let me be very clear: I do not condone violent crime or racism. My heart breaks for those who lost their lives as well as for their families in this weekend’s shooting in Buffalo, New York. I pray justice is brought to the perpetrator. The person responsible for this heinous crime should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I denounce this tragic act as well as any and all other violent crimes that are spreading into communities across our country.

I’m grateful to our Republican Leadership Team for fighting to give me due process in this matter, and I am certain that once the facts have been analyzed, I will be vindicated.

College Republicans United also released a statement on the “vindictive witch hunt against Senator Wendy Rogers and other America First conservatives.”

Representative Walt Blackman, a RINO Democrat, took to the House Floor on Tuesday to accuse Wendy Rogers of “racial bigotry” and “hatred,” despite no mention of race, hate, or anybody except the Feds.

Blackman: Last weekend 13 People were hunted down and executed with 10 of those Americans being killed. That’s a tragedy in itself because we don’t solve anything with violence. However, I do think it’s my responsibility as a representative from Legislative District Six, on behalf of the delegation, to an extend an apology to both Houses for what was said and tweeted from one of our members of our delegation. Racial bigotry, hatred, there is no place for it in this chamber or the other chamber and there is no place for it in our country…

Walt Blackman, his Democratic colleagues, and the media have not chosen to speak out against the clear calls for violence by Democrats in Arizona. Planned Parenthood Chairwoman Chris Love was retweeted by sitting Democrat officials and candidates when she previously tweeted, “be ready to break some sh*t,” following a new abortion law in Texas.

The hypocrisy and abuse of power must be remembered this election cycle in Arizona.




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