A Two-Front Invasion: Biden Brags About Handing Out “Record” Number of Work Visas to Foreigners as Millions Pour Across The Wide Open Southern Border

A Two-Front Invasion: Biden Brags About Handing Out “Record” Number of Work Visas to Foreigners as Millions Pour Across The Wide Open Southern Border

On Tuesday, Joe Biden hosted Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador at the White House for a press conference in which the pair discussed the wild free-for-all at the US-Mexico border.

Instead of coming up with anything resembling a solution that would curb the ongoing invasion of illegals – or, you know, demanding that Mexico do its part to get a handle on it, Biden took the opportunity to brag about how his fraudulent administration has imported a “record” number of foreign visa workers to the US.

Yes… really. With ~3,000,000 illegals having poured across the border since he took office (not including the countless invaders who slip through undetected) and the economy in shambles (due to his policies) this basement-dwelling puppet has the nerve to tout about setting up a record-breaking stream of foreign workers to compete with Americans in the dwindling job market.

In the past year, Biden claimed to have issued over 300,000 H-2 visas to Mexican workers alone, the most ever, while also increasing the number of visas given to Central Americans to the highest it has been in five years – aka. since Obama. What’s worse – he claimed they aren’t anywhere close to finished and revealed plans to double his already record-breaking numbers.

Can he make it any clearer? For the Biden Regime, America and its citizens always come last.

From Biden:

“Last year, my administration set a record – we issued more than 300,000 H-2 visas for Mexican workers… We also reached a five-year high in the visas we issued to Central Americans, and we’re on pace to double this in… this fiscal year for Central America.”

To make matters worse, the fraudulent Biden administration is currently taking a wrecking ball to the US economy at a time when it was already in shambles in the wake of the Left’s authoritarian Covid restrictions. One of the last things America needs right now is an influx of foreign workers, as millions of working-age Americans remain without employment.

According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), there are nearly 3.5 million more “employable Americans” than there are available jobs, which, as they note, debunks the left’s “worker shortage myth.”

From FAIR:

“The open borders coalition, including the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, continues to suggest that there is a critical worker shortage that can only be fixed by drastically increasing the importation of foreign labor1. Various mainstream media outlets parrot this fallacy as well2. While some claim that there are various reasons for the so-called worker shortage, virtually all assert that COVID-related immigration reductions in 2020 are the primary driver.

Our research found that both of these narratives are either outright false or based on misleading information.

In addition to the over-saturated job market, the impending recession has sparked a hiring freeze and mass layoffs at some of our Nation’s largest employers, especially within the tech industry. Thousands are expected to be laid off over the coming months on a scale that could be even worse than during the forced exodus under Covid lockdowns.

“One of Worst Downturns in Recent History” – Zuckerberg Tells Employees He’s “Turning Up the Heat” as Facebook Braces For Massive Layoffs Amid “One of the Worst Economic Downturns in Recent History”

It also doesn’t help that radical leftists continue to wreak havoc in heavily populated cities, which has caused even some of the most woke, anti-American corporations to shutter their doors (and take jobs).

Just this week, Starbucks was forced to close down over a dozen locations, all of which were located in Democrat-controlled areas, because of rampant crime and lawlessness.

Starbucks Closing Locations In Multiple Cities Due To Rampant Crime


In other words, if we had a sane president, we would be battening down the hatches and getting things back on track before even thinking about importing record-breaking numbers of foreigners who will either not be able to work or end up pushing more working-age American citizens out of jobs (and thus into poverty).

And that’s on top of the 3,000,000 illegal invaders (enough to rank as the 3rd largest city in the US and is greater than the populations of Wyoming, Vermont, South Dakota, and North Dakota – COMBINED) who have crossed Biden’s wide-open border since he took office.

This is absolute madness. It’s a state-sponsored two-front invasion.

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Author: Julian Conradson